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Speed ​​traps in Germany: Most speed cameras are in Baden-Württemberg

Radar traps in Germany
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Of the more than 4,000 locations, 1,102 are in Baden-Württemberg alone Evaluation of the Radarfalle.de portal in cooperation with a uto motor und sport . At these locations, the speed is regularly monitored with stationary and mobile systems. There is also strong surveillance pressure in North Rhine-Westphalia, where there are 959 radar systems, in the much smaller Hesse with 772 systems and in Lower Saxony with 477 locations. According to the evaluation, there are only 85 monitoring sites between Aschaffenburg and the Alps. Motorists in Rhineland-Palatinate (37), Saxony-Anhalt (40), Schleswig-Holstein (45) and Thuringia (67) also remain comparatively unmolested. The level is similarly high in the city-states. Flashes are regularly used at 30 locations in Berlin and Hamburg, and at 46 in Bremen.

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