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Speed ​​sinner: citizens show & # 34; judge accelerator & # 34; at

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E r confirmed with this a report by the 'Neue Westfälische' (Saturday, November 20). If the judge were charged with perversion, he could theoretically face up to five years in prison.

Richter announces further speed-free acquittals

Since the beginning of the month, District Judge Helmut Knöner from Herford has released more than 40 flashed speed sinners because he considers many speed traps to be pure money-making. Knöner reacted calmly to the latest developments. 'The receipt of the advertisements does not surprise me. Anyone who is responsible has to expect it,' said the traffic lawyer of the 'Neue Westfälische'. He had received a great many letters from citizens. 'There were critical letters with foul remarks and contempt. The subject is highly emotional. Two-thirds of the letters are positive. Many people send me all their correspondence with offices and ministries,' the newspaper quoted the judge as saying. Knöner has already announced further acquittals.


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