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Speed ​​limit in California: driving faster for the environment

Speed ​​limit in California
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Germany has been discussing for weeks, o b a general speed limit should be introduced on motorways . Proponents mainly argue that the environment would benefit because the CO2 emissions from cars are lower at low speeds than at high speeds. A Californian politician is now reversing the logic: To help the environment, the speed limit is to be raised on some routes.

New lanes with 100 mph speed limit

It sounds a bit like an April Fool's joke, but Senator John MW Moorlach really means it. He introduced an official bill (SB 319) to enable motorists on Interstate 5 and Highway 99 to drive up to 100 miles per hour (mph; 161 km /h). So far, only 65 mph (104.6 km /h) are allowed, which should continue to apply to the other lanes. Moorlach is even considering a minimum speed for the new tracks. The California Department of Transportation is to start a project in the context of which two more lanes will be pieced on the corresponding freeways. The money for this project is to come from the fund for the reduction of greenhouse gases.

From bog salmon's point of view, that makes sense, after all, he wants to reduce greenhouse gases with his initiative. “You burn your fuel more efficiently than if you were just sneaking along in slow traffic and waiting for one truck to finally overtake another after 20 minutes,” the Republican told CBS. This causes traffic jams and increases emissions. He also has the issue of safety in mind - with reference to the local expressways: 'If you look to Germany, there are far fewer motorway accidents there than here.'

The time advantage over the railways is greater

The approved route will extend from Bakersfield, north of Los Angeles, to Stockton, in east San Francisco. According to Google Maps, a driver needs about three and a half hours for the approximately 380 kilometers long route - if he adheres to the 65 mph limit. Without a speed limit, this time should be dramatically reduced. This should increase the advantage of the car over rail transport. A train currently takes 4:17 hours to cover the route. An express train route is not due to open until 2033will. This is one of the reasons why Moorlach prefers to lift the speed limit for cars; that is more realistic than that the express train actually comes.

A look at the network reactions to the advance of the Californian politician shows that the residents of California are not particularly convinced of the idea. Above all, they fear the costs, which, according to Moorlach, have not yet been calculated. Some think the project is simply crazy with a view to the driving skills of their compatriots. The politician wants to counter the security concerns of the Californians with severe penalties: Anyone caught faster than 100 mph should pay up to $ 500 (about 446 euros) and not be allowed to drive for up to 30 days. Repeat offenders face a fine of up to $ 1,000.


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