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Spano GTA Concept
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U m to put yourself in the limelight right away, was when the motorization of the Spano GTA more putty than messed up. The mid-engine sports car carries an 8.3-liter, turbocharged V10, developed by GTA Motor, lengthways behind the passengers. The Iberians have gathered the know-how for this in 15 years of motorsport.

Spano GTA with up to 840 hp

This one does in the basic configuration 780 PS and 920 Nm. In bioethanol operation, the unit of the Spano GTA should even deliver 840 hp. The drive power is distributed to the rear wheels via a sequential seven-speed gearbox. If you don't want to change gears yourself, you can also use an automatic mode.

The V10 is embedded in a Kevlar and titanium reinforced carbon fiber monocoque. Because the body was also molded from the lightweight material, the Spano GTA weighs only 1,350 kilograms.

The Spano GTA follows the classic super sports car lines

The shape of the 4.65 meters long, 1.98 meters wide and 1.20 meter high Spano GTA is based on the class standard. The driver's cab has been moved far forward thanks to the mid-engine design and is spanned by a glass dome that extends behind the passengers. This is followed by a louvred glass cover for the engine compartment, which in turn opens directly into a duct that directs air towards the rear spoiler. The front hood almost ducks the asphalt. The Spano GTA snorkels cooling air for the brakes through side air inlets in the front apron.

The Spano GTA draws the cooling air for the V10 through slats behind the side windows and through large channels in the massive side sills. The wheelbase is 2.80 meters. Two luggage compartments with 100 liters in the front and 200 liters in the rear accommodate the small luggage of the Spano GTA crew.

The Spano GTA is available from 600,000 euros

A spoiler mounted between the rear fenders provides downforce. In the lower area, the flat apron has been massively perforated in order to convey the waste heat out of the engine compartment. Two round tailpipes also set accents.

The Spano GTA is to be sold in the USA, Europe, Asia and the Middle East. The price for the Spano GTA is given at around 600,000 euros.


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