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Soon to be bought Opel Meriva: New Opel Meriva with many detailed solutions

Stephan Lindloff
Soon to buy Opel Meriva
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Gifted students skip a class. When it comes to that, the new Meriva has to be a smart guy. The earlier Opel Corsa derivative is based in the second generation namely not on the next largest Opel Astra , but mostly on the van Opel Zafira .

The Opel Meriva grows to the format of the Mercedes B-Class

From the small car with more space and higher seating position, it is advancing to the first car for small families and, with over 30 centimeters in length, now sees itself at eye level with the Mercedes B-Class . At the same time, it becomes eight centimeters wider and a little flatter. Opel takes into account the market development, according to which small Vans recently sold significantly worse than medium-sized ones. The new concept also has several advantages in terms of form. The wider track should improve driving comfort. With a trunk volume of around 400 liters, there is as much storage space as in a VW Golf Plus available, and the feeling of space in the new Meriva cannot be compared with that of its predecessor. Everything looks airier, more spacious and the materials are of higher quality - the Opel Thanks to Insignia .

The new Opel Meriva looks more dynamic and powerful

The cockpit is oriented in large parts of that of the mid-range Opel. Ending the time of the barren plastic desert in the cockpit was definitely easier than giving the compact van a new face. On the outside, the team around designer Niels Loeb had the task of making the new Meriva look sleeker without giving up its functionality-oriented character.Tricks such as the optically elongated rear window with black plastic and the shortened bonnet make the Meriva appear dynamic and powerful.

Loeb has punched the sickle motif known from the Insignia into the sheet metal. The relationship to the Astra can be seen in the rear lights, headlights and radiator grille. A special feature of the model is the paragraph in the side line, which, according to Opel, should emphasize the doors that open in opposite directions. Much more important for customers: the view for rear passengers is retained.

The Opel Meriva starts for less than 16,000 euros

If designer Loeb had just drawn up the line, the view of the outside would be blocked for children - not acceptable in a van. In contrast, the price is acceptable. The Meriva should be available from less than 16,000 euros. This means that it is not much more expensive than its predecessor with more space. On the engine side, there are initially three petrol and three diesels to choose from. As an entry-level petrol engine, Opel offers a 1.4 liter naturally aspirated engine with 100 hp. Also in the program: a turbo of the same size in two power levels with a maximum of 140 hp. The diesel starts with the 1.3 CDT i at 95 hp. The Meriva can also be equipped with the 1.7 CDTi, which is available in two output levels (110 and 125 hp).

New Opel Meriva m it Flex-Rail-System

The highlight of the Meriva, which is again equipped with the individually movable rear seats, is the so-called Flex-Rail-System, which the interior designer around Stefan Arndt came up with to have. Storage compartments, cup holders or central armrests can not only be moved on two levels on the aluminum rail between the front seats. You can also take it out and latch it into the rail of the folded center seat in the rear. This clever system will also be used in the next generation of Zafira. Note: very good. This means that the Opel Meriva skips a class, not just because of its size.


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