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Sol E20X 2018: Everything about the VW electric SUV from China

Sol E20X for 2018 - from the VW Group and JAC
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E Foreign automakers are actually allowed to enter China enter into only two joint ventures with local companies - and VW has already established two joint ventures with Chinese producers with SAIC for southern and FAW for northern China. But the restriction does not apply to electric cars. And evidently VW wanted even before the introduction of the I.D. Family start with a cheap electric car.

JAC is already building a compact electric SUV called the IEV 7S. The Wolfsburg based company took this as a basis and had it redesigned by the Seat design department. In addition, the Spanish VW subsidiary revised crash structures and restraint systems and designed a new interior. Therefore, the 4.15 meter long SUV looks a bit like what you would imagine an Arona with electric drive. The interior could only be inspected through closed side windows, at first glance it reminds you a little of the VW T-Roc.

Also with the batteries, which are located in the vehicle floor between the axles, as in most electric cars, VW has lend a hand again. According to Seat, the capacity is now 43 kWh. The weight should nevertheless be a comparatively modest 1460 kilograms.

300 kilometers range

According to the NEDC, the battery should allow 300 kilometers without recharging. The Sol can be charged with direct and alternating current. In the best case scenario, the battery is 80 percent charged after 1 hour. VW wants to reduce the charging time to 40 minutes by the market launch at the end of 2018.

A range of 300 kilometers currently still brings financial support for buyers from the state in China. In addition, VW expects the sale of the new electric car to gain bonus points in the new mobility legislation for the entire group. The bonus points - the Chinese state is trying to increase the e-car quota with them. On the sidelines of the group event in Beijing, Matthias Rabe stated that there are still other joint projects planned with JAC, perhaps even for markets other than China.

For which customers is the Sol E20X

The Sol E20X should primarily inspire younger customers - Chinese customers are more often first-time buyers and on average a good 10 years younger than German car buyers, for example - and they are much more interested in digital innovations and media. That is why the Sol is very extensively networked and should have access to its infotainment systemEnable as many channels as possible and fast Internet access - it doesn't look so good with assistance systems: Apart from ABS and a 360-degree all-round camera, those responsible have not yet been able to promise any further electronic helpers.

But the possibly attractive pricing and, in relation to this, noticeable promotion could actually bring the Sol into the shortlist of price-sensitive, young buyers. Who knows, maybe VW will soon be able to make an offer in the segment of cheap electric cars for commuting and for the city - a car like the Sol E20X could be the right model for this. The question remains about the price. It should definitely be competitive - on the Chinese market. That would be cheap by European standards.


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