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Snow Hillclimbing canceled: Snow competition prohibited

Snowhill climbing canceled
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German bureaucrats are rarely that quick. At the last minute on January 13th, the Snowhillclimb competition in the Allgäu was banned.

U The reason for the rejection: the Oberallgäu environmental protection authority. The long-booked competition was banned literally at the last minute. Reason: According to the organizer, the ski slope, which is artificially snowed by numerous snow cannons, rolled daily by snowcat and located directly on a busy main road, was declared a nature reserve according to the organizer , including the local restaurateurs and hoteliers who had counted on the rush of visitors. The numerous starters are immensely disappointed and vent their anger in various Internet forums. The organizer declared the end of the competition in a circular. Under the given circumstances, no alternative route is sought. A replacement competition could possibly take place in the Neuss ski hall at a later date.


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