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Smart Repair: Inexpensive car care for small quirks

Smart Repair
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H Agel or freezing rain showers not only hit the mind, but sometimes also ugly ones Dents in the vehicle sheet. With a little bad luck, the hood looks like a crater landscape. It gets really annoying when the garage wants to completely replace the bonnet. That is a lot of money.

Smart repairs as an inexpensive alternative

Smart repairs are an inexpensive alternative, which first try to repair the damage by bulging. For the paint damage-free repair of around 33 dents in the bonnet of a BMW 5 Series, Frank Hüsken, managing director of Car-Top GmbH in Landau, estimates just € 670 and adds: 'On average, Smart Repair can bring savings of up to 50%.' /p>

This is not the only reason why Smart Repair is currently very popular. More and more drivers are discovering the services of the various providers on the market. In addition to the repair of paintwork damage, the range of services offered by the mostly mobile small companies also includes bumper repairs, the repair of stone chips and seat or dashboard repairs.

No dismantling of body parts

A classic case The thing customers use to contact Frank Hüsken and his team is damage to the bumpers - a little carelessness when maneuvering and it happens. This is where the advantages of Smart Repair become clear.

In contrast to car workshops, Car-Top does not have to dismantle the entire bumper. The damage is dealt with directly on the vehicle. This saves a lot of time - and money. Incidentally, this applies in principle to all repairs. The two-hour treatment of the BMW 5 Series delivers an amazing result: the bumper looks like new. And the bill? The bottom line is € 145 including VAT. Labor costs make up the majority at 110 €. There is also about ten euros for the filler and primer. The required color can be mixed in small quantities. The repair of the same damage can easily cost € 500 in a specialist workshop. The second most common case of damage to Car-Top is glass repairs after falling rocks, says the specialist.

Recently, smart repair companies have also been offering this service. But the specialist Carglass (carglass.de) has been around for years, and its mobile service is available 24 hours across Germany. Cost point for aRemoval of stone chips: around 90 euros. In the case of partial insurance, the entire invoice is taken over. On the other hand, replacing the windshield at a branded retailer quickly amounts to more than 500 €.

Paint scratches and paint damage are no problem for smart repair companies

Smaller paint scratches and damage are also for the Smart -Repair operations are no problem. The costs for this are limited. Around 70 € are estimated for a dent with subsequent painting. This is half the price of a workshop and the result is impressive. It becomes difficult for the provider if the dents are major accidental damage that makes it necessary to replace the component. Reliable companies also keep their hands off rims. “I never know for sure, whether I am dealing with a superficial error or if there is a crack running through the material,” says Hüsken. However, since these are rotating, safety-relevant parts, only superficial repairs can have fatal consequences.

Smaller holes in seats or in the dashboard, on the other hand, are easy to repair and only put a strain on your wallet with around € 150 or € 60 . For the exchange of the upholstery elsewhere, just under € 400 will be charged; a dashboard costs around 900 €. You shouldn't blindly trust that Smart Repair is always the cheaper solution. In any case, it is advisable to visit the relevant companies and discuss the damage repair with the experts on site. For comparison, an offer should also be obtained from the brand workshop.


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