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Smart Madeforsix from Limouzine: Fortwo lim 7er format

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Whether this will satisfy a real need is an open question. The fact is: In the rear of the 120-hp stretch limo, you can sip chilled champagne on four leather seats, while pictures from your last skiing holiday are shown on the two built-in LED TVs on the connected smartphone. Meanwhile, another passenger in the passenger seat can entertain the chauffeur with anecdotes from the same vacation. If you have counted, there are six people. In a smart. And that's why it's also called S mart Madeforsix .

The ex-mini car grows up to accommodate this very special equipment 5.5 meters in length and is therefore almost half a meter longer than a current 7 Series BMW. As a visual treat, there is a double door and six 18-inch models. Six? Yes, such a stately vehicle runs on three axles, of course.

Smart Madeforsix at the IAA

The unusual vehicle is to be the launch vehicle of the limousine fleet of entrepreneur Yilmaz Hür and in the future via that Portal limouzine.de can be booked throughout Europe. Further projects are already in the pipeline, but are still subject to strict confidentiality. The Smart Madeforsix will celebrate its premiere at this year's IAA.


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