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Smart Fortwo Cabrio prices: Small car convertible from 15,655 euros

Stefan Baldauf /Guido ten Brink
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Z next, the smart convertible is first Line a Smart Fortwo and clearly recognizable as such. High snub nose, small dimensions, motor and drive at the rear. The convertible features only come into play above the belt line.

Remote-controllable fabric hood

This is how the B- Column slimmer than the closed Smart. In addition, the cut of the Tridion cell has been subtly modified. It presents itself visually with more pull to the front. The highlight of the Smart Fortwo Cabrio is still its convertible top construction. The soft top, which is available in red, blue or black, continues to act between two removable roof bars that can be stowed in the trunk lid. At the push of a button it moves back and lies down on the rear with its heated glass rear window. The rear side windows cannot be retracted, however. A small fin on the windshield frame ensures air calming in the interior. The convertible top can also be operated while driving up to maximum speed. When the vehicle is stationary, the transformation can also be commanded by remote control on the key.

To compensate for the lack of a fixed roof, the Smart Fortwo Cabrio received a large steel cross screwed under the vehicle floor, two torsion bulkheads under the vehicle in front and behind reinforced A-pillars.

Smart Fortwo Cabrio with two engines from 15,655 euros

The new Smart Fortwo Cabrio is initially available with two three-cylinder engines with 71 HP and 90 HP. The sprint times are 14.9 and 10.8 seconds, and the top speeds are 151 and 155 km /h, respectively. The standard consumption should be between 4.2 and 4.3 liters. Shifting takes place via a five-speed gearbox or optionally via a dual clutch gearbox. The equipment lines Passion, Prime and Proxy are on offer.

The new Smart Cabrio can be ordered from mid-December, the first models will hit dealers in February 2016. Prices start at 15,655 euros for the 71-hp petrol engine with automatic. The 90 PS automatic variant is available from 16,550 euros. In both cases, the surcharge compared to the corresponding coupe is 3,260 euros. The manual versions will be submitted later. For the Passion equipment line, Smart charges a surcharge of 1,390 euros, Prime has to be paid for 1,990 euros and the proxy equipment costs 3,390Euro surcharge. The Passion and Prime versions can also be upgraded with the Urban Style package for 825 euros. The Cool & Media package is priced in at 1,750 euros.

Later, a 140 hp Brabus version will be added for the Smart Fortwo cabrio. And Smart is already working on the open Forfour.

You can already see how it goes in the new Smart Fortwo Cabrio from our get driving report .


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