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Smart Forfour - new edition with Renault help: Daimler is planning a new edition of the Smart Forfour

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Smart Forfour - new edition with Renault help
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Included it's not just about a successor to the two-seater Fortwo, which is expected in 2013 or 2014. 'But in the medium term we also need a four-seater again,' said Sales Director Joachim Schmidt on the sidelines of the New York Auto Show. However, Schmidt did not confirm the planned alliance with the brands from France and Japan.

Smart Forfour with rear engine

Unlike the first Forfour, however, the new four-door should be a typical Smart and not just a conventional small car with a slightly more colorful paint job: That The car has to be shorter than the competition and, like the two-door model, therefore needs a rear engine. The so-called Tridion safety cell, which determines the design of the tiny thing, is also to be adopted for both models.

In addition to the two cars, the partners are also to develop a new engine family: for the two Smart models it will presumably be a three-cylinder with a maximum of 1.2 liters displacement, which definitely fits in the rear. And for the successor to the A- and B-Class as well as the compact and medium-sized class of the French and Japanese, a four-cylinder with a displacement of up to 1.6 liters is being created. It should also be available with direct injection, variable valve control and charging for differentiation. All of these technologies can optionally be used or left out.

Cooperation also for light commercial vehicles

N just small cars and engines as well as a common commitment to electrification, the cooperation agreement should also include light commercial vehicles: Allegedly, Daimler will therefore offer a small delivery vehicle based on the Renault Kangoo, which should round off the offer under Sprinter and Viano and compete against cars like the VW Caddy.


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