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Smart Ebike at the Paris Motor Show: Hybrid bike

Smart Ebike at the Paris Motor Show
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E Electromobility across the board. For short trips within the city or for sporty ambitious people, Smart is adding the Smart Ebike to its e-mobility range at the Mondial de l'Automobile in Paris.

At 25 km /h, the electric motor of the Ebike comes out

In contrast to the Smart Fortwo Electric Drive or the Escooter, it is not the accelerator or the accelerator hand that determines the speed here, but the physical effort of the driver. Because nothing, nothing comes, the Smart Ebike rider first has to work in advance with his muscles before the 250 watt electric motor on the rear wheel supports him in four output levels. However, this does not push the biker indefinitely. At 25 km /h the electric motor stops its assistance and leaves it to the driver to increase the speed further. With this speed limit, the e-bike is considered a pedelec and can be ridden without a driver's license.

Depending on the auxiliary service requested, the range with one charge of the 9.6 Ah lithium-ion battery is between 30 and 90 kilometers. It is charged either in two to three hours at the socket or in pushing and braking mode.

The 22 kilogram e-bike was developed by the Berlin e-bike manufacturer GRACE according to Smart specifications. The frame is made entirely of aluminum profiles, all Bowden cables and cables were laid out of sight. The 26-inch rims in double-spoke design are fitted with four-inch tires. Hydraulic disc brakes on both wheels are used to decelerate, and the electric motor also brakes.

As with the escooter, the e-bike also carries a smartphone as a control and information center. This is where the vehicle data come together, and the navigation program and of course the normal smartphone functions can also be used. The Smart Ebike also has an active cornering light, which is nothing more than an LED headlight mounted on the handlebar, an LED rear light and a toothed belt drive for the rear wheel. Smart can imagine integrating the e-bike into mobility concepts like car2go. A decision has not yet been made about series production.


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