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Small car Skoda Citigo: Czech VW Up interpretation

Small car Skoda Citigo
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The Volkswagen group is tackling the new small car offensive in three lanes. The VW brand presented the Up at the IAA in Frankfurt. Shortly after the IAA, the group brand will follow S koda with their infusion of the small car concept. A version of Seat will also follow. The Wolfsburg-based company is following the recipe for success from Toyota and PSA, which with the Toyota Aygo, the Citroen C1 and the Peugeot 107 also have an almost identical triumvirate in this class at the start.

Skoda Citigo is more conservative

The Skoda Citigo differs surprisingly significantly Czech small cars baptized by the donor VW Up. Where the VW looks cheekily into the landscape, the Skoda Citigo a rather conservatively drawn face. The radiator grille takes up the new Skoda line, the brand logo is emblazoned on the hood and a large air inlet opens up in the basement. The rear apron is also conventional, the taillights are less playful. In addition, the Czech has done without the fully glazed tailgate in favor of a large amount of paint and relies on a conventional sheet metal part. The bold upward curve of the window line at the rear side window was also saved. When it comes to dimensions, VW and Skoda don’t give away anything, the space for four adults and the loading volume of 251 to 951 liters are identical.

To achieve a base price well below the VW Up starting level of 9,850 euros To be able to, the Skoda Citigo was slimmed down in the interior. The Skoda Citigo is said to be available from around 9,000 euros.

Skoda Citigo with engines from the Up

On the drive side, the Skoda Citigo has two three-cylinder petrol engines with a displacement of one liter and 60 or 75 hp respectively. In the consumption-optimized Greentec variants, the average consumption should be 4.2 and 4.3 liters respectively. In the normal versions, 4.5 or 4.7 liters should run through the injection nozzles. Shifting takes place via a manual five-speed box, an automated transmission is optionally available. An electric drive is not provided, a natural gas version should be in the Skoda Citigobe pushed.

In small things, the Skoda Citigo can even feel superior to the Up. It offers nets for securing loads in the trunk, a fold-out hook for pockets on the glove compartment and small pockets on the side of the front seats. There is then again a tie with various options: In the Skoda Citigo, a parking aid, the city emergency brake assistant and the touchscreen navigation system can also be ordered as extras. The future of the two small cars also shows parallels. The three-door is to be followed by a four-door.


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