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Small car Seat Mii: VW Up with Auto Emocion

Seat Mii microcar
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The Volkswagen group wants to roll up the small car market and is forging a whole small car empire around the VW Up. The Up serves as the nucleus, Skoda gets a more Spartan offshoot with the Citigo and the Spanish VW subsidiary Seat brings the Seat M ii at the start.

Seat Mii with arrow design

Even if the small car is now adorned with the Seat logo, its dimensions remain true to the Up, so it offers space for four adults and a cargo space of 251 to 951 liters. The Seat Mii also works on the drive side no separate paths, but follows the Up with the two one-liter three-cylinder petrol engines with 60 and 75 hp, which accelerate the Spaniard to 160 and 171 km /h, respectively. The particularly economical eco versions are called Ecomotive at Seat and should only consume 4.2 liters. A natural gas version of the Seat Mii is to be added.

Seat Mii from 2014 as a four-door

A certain independence gives the Seat Mii the exterior adapted to the Seat design. Like the Citigo, the Seat also has the more conservative window line and a tailgate with a conventional sheet metal frame. The face and the headlights of the Seat Mii were arrow-shaped. The rear lights also have triangular elements. The front and back aprons are also more angular than the Citigo and Up. As with the sister models, the equipment options include the parking assistant and the city emergency brake function. There will also be a four-door Seat Mii from mid-2012.

It is not yet clear where the Seat Mii will be priced. The VW Up is available from 9,850 euros, the Skoda Citigo should start at around 9,000 euros. The Spaniard, which like all models of the small car family is produced in Bratislava, Slovakia, will be rolling to dealerships in spring 2012.


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