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Skoda Superb: Two opinions on the Skoda flagship

Skoda Superb
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Skoda Superb with great design

O kay, I was also surprised at how noticeable the difference between Passat and Superb was in a direct comparison of driving. Nevertheless, if I had to choose between these two cars, I would take the Skoda Superb.

Not because I did not appreciate the finer driving in the big Volkswagen, but the differences are really so nuanced that many drivers probably hardly notice them . In addition, I have no doubt that the Skoda Superb will casually lather up the targeted competition, such as an Insignia, Mondeo or i40, in further comparison tests. But that's not all, nor is the price difference of a few thousand euros to the VW Passat.

I take the Skoda Superb mainly because I like the airy width in the rear. And the unpretentious, never boring design. In Mladá Boleslav they can spend hours telling why the headlights look so three-dimensional or how even the joint between the bonnet and fenders runs. Everything is correct, and it comes together to give the impression of technically clean, never over-the-top or stealthy designs.

That doesn't sound like much, but it is significantly more than some premium manufacturers with a larger design department and more frequent marketing -Meetings managed. And it gets a different background when you know that Skoda head of design Jozef Kaban sees himself as an outspoken Warkuß student who describes the time in VW design under the then boss Hartmut Warkuß as the most formative in his career. You can see the typical straightness of the surfaces and the simplicity of the shapes in the lines of the Superb design - which, viewed in this way, becomes the modern heir to the Passat B5 and Golf IV. That's why I like him.

Skoda Superb deliberately only second best

There are things that are important to me. Washing machines are not included. If I needed a new one and the seller showed me the second best, which would be 15 percent cheaper than the best, I would buy it. I don't care if I have the eleventh or twenty-second best phone. I may have the fourth best thermos for our gush brew coffee without knowing it. But I was reluctant to ask for the second best meal in the canteen at lunchtime, to buy the second best child seat for my children or the second best mid-range sedan - that would be the Skoda Superb.

That's how I know about them No test drives yet, which I find more remarkable: How good the Passat is or how perfectly the Skoda technicians have worked. They should be the second bestDeveloping mid-range cars and positioning the Superb exactly in the slipstream of the Passat.

The Skoda Superb is a very good car, but only exactly as good as it was allowed to be according to the corporate strategy. They explain them to you at Skoda without any problems. That the Superb should not compete with the Passat, but with the Mazda 6, Hyundai i40, Ford Mondeo and Opel Insignia. And yes, it will.

But then I stood in front of the Skoda Superb and wondered what it was like for the engineers not to be able to make more of the possibilities. They were allowed to do that with the Fabia, it is more spacious and agile than the Polo, and also more clever. An Octavia has more space than the Golf and is considerably cheaper. And the Skoda Superb? It has more space, but the Passat already has enough of that. It is cheaper, but in this price range that is no longer so important. It's a very good car that couldn't become outstanding because there was one principle: second best or nothing.


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