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Skoda R200 Non-Fiction: A Skoda sports car with Audi power

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Skoda R200 Non-Fiction
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M it is based on its model from 1975 Skoda R200 Non-Fiction actually only has two things in common: the round headlights and the spoiler apron at the rear.

Skoda R200 Non-Fiction has the engine in the middle

It already had that Skoda 130 RS when it first felt asphalt under its tires 40 years ago. Driven by a small 1.3 liter engine with an astonishing 140 hp, the rally ace reached speeds of up to 220 km /h, mostly a little less due to the short gear ratio. The engine was not - as is usual at Audi - on the front axle. Like the Porsche 911, the Skoda 130 RS was a rear-engined sports car.

The Skoda R200 Non-Fiction has the engine in the middle of the car, behind the driver and front passenger, and thus belongs to the mid-engined sports car category. The 4.2-liter V8, which is no longer available in the new Audi R8, develops 420 hp. Particularly interesting for sports drivers: the manual six-speed gearshift with a visible shift gate. It is coupled to the well-known Quattro drive.

The interior largely corresponds to that of the Audi, only logos and emblems have been changed, carbon has been added. Door loops replace the regular door handles.

Does the R200 look through Bentley's eyes?

The exterior of the Skoda R200. While similarities to the base can still be seen in the profile, the front section is out of the ordinary. With a steep slope, it doesn't really fit in with the rest of the quality-looking sports car. The round front lights look like they've just been stolen from a Bentley Mulsanne, while the splinter looks like that of the Ferrari 458.

Similar game at the rear: It looks like a crossroads from Noble M600 and Lamborghini Gallardo taillights in arrow optics. Two, rectangular to trapezoidal shaped exhaust trims release the exhaust gases of the V8 engine into the environment.

According to rumors, the Skoda R200 Non-Fiction will also go into a kind of series production. Allegedly, one or two vehicles are to be built per month - but a maximum of 24 units. Whoever wants to examine the prototype should travel to Prague. There the single piece will be available from April 15 to May 11, 2015 in the DOX Center for Contemporary Art .

And what does Skaudi cost when it is inSeries is being built? Around 255,000 euros - that should only be of interest to collectors. Just like the Skoda 130 RS. But there were more: It is estimated that more than 150 copies were built.


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