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Skoda HoppyGo: Car sharing in cooperation with trains and buses

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D he Czech Volkswagen subsidiary Skoda operates a car sharing program called HoppyGo in Prague. This is what is known as “peer-to-peer” car sharing. This is the sharing of cars between private individuals. Your own car that is parked in front of the office during the working day can, for example, be used by other people during this time for errands.

Leo Express is also a partner at Flixtrain

Now a Joint venture between Skoda and SmileCar, a car sharing brand of the Czech transport company Leo Express founded. Leo Express operates bus and train lines. Leo Express is active in Germany as a partner of Flixbus and operates the announced Flixtrain route between Berlin and Stuttgart.

The aim of the cooperation between Skoda and Leo Express is to offer customers mobility from a single source. In the future, a single app should not only be able to offer or rent the HoppyGo Car Sharing cars, but at the same time you can also buy bus and train tickets and plan routes.

For example, you can plan a long-haul trip via Train or long-distance bus is started. In the destination city, a shared car is reserved in advance and you can then drive the vehicle.

At the start, 750 cars are available

750 cars are within the HoppyGo and SmileCar is available, but the fleet is expected to grow strongly in the future. The new offer should not be limited to the Czech capital Prague. As a first step, you want to establish yourself along lines that are served by Leo Expres by train or bus. In addition to the Czech Republic, this also includes destinations in neighboring Slovakia and Poland. 'Skoda understands mobility as a holistic system of vehicles and services,' explains Chief Digital Officer Andre Wehner.

With the new joint venture, Skoda wants to address primarily young customers who no longer want to own a car. But also encourage such target groups to buy a Skoda, because by sharing the vehicle they can earn back a large part of the cost of acquisition and maintenance.

There is currently nothing about plans to expand to Western Europe and especially to Germany known.


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