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Skoda Citigo: Update for model year 2017

Skoda Citigo
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Smartphone connection in the Skoda Citigo

N eu is the blues music system with aux-in, CD player and SD card slot. The new radio, called Swing, has no CD drive; it has bluetooth, six speakers and a color display. It is standard in the highest equipment style and can be supplemented with a smartphone docking station. This makes it possible, for example, to use the navigation app and music in the car.

In contrast to the corporate brother Up, which VW gave a facelift with a new three-cylinder turbo, Skoda at the model year change to a fresh infotainment and new extras.

motor-und- sport.de/marken-modelle/skoda/citigo/'>Skoda Citigo now all engines meet the mandatory Euro 6 emissions standard. Brake energy recovery and automatic start-stop are now standard in all models with the automated ASG transmission Bord.

Slight retouching on the Skoda Citigo

The paint tones sapphire blue metallic and tungsten silver metallic are also new for the Skoda Citigo. The new Style equipment line replaces the Elegance variant as the top version Citigo Easy, Active, Ambition and Style will have fresh interior designs and decors. The Monte Carlo versions will have additional features in the future ch darkened taillights and a red center console.

For price hunters, Skoda has the Citigo as a special Cool Edition model with air conditioning and a price advantage of 1,700 euros.


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