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Singer DLS: New 500 hp boxer for the retro 911

Singer Dynamics and Lightweighting Study
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A As the product of the partnership, three new 911 engines will initially be created . The first “reimagined” engine is the 3.6-liter boxer from a Porsche 964 that belongs to long-time Singer customer Scott Blattner. Porsche collectors such as Jan Koum (founder of WhatsApp) and Mark Evenstad also contribute their cars. Singer has significantly improved the engine in terms of weight and performance. After Singer showed Scott Blattner's spectacular retro racer in 2017, another model is now following. The Phallanx-white 911 is celebrating its premiere alongside another model in red at the Festival of Speed ​​in Goodwood.

New Singer-Boxer with up to 500 hp

But let's get back to technology first : The air-cooled six-cylinder vacuum cleaner contains components made of titanium, magnesium and carbon fiber. In addition, Singer and Williams drill the displacement up to four liters and give the unit four valves per cylinder and four camshafts. 500 hp at 9,000 rpm. the new old 911 boxer engine is then ready. By the way: The Porsche engine pope Hans Mezger was hired as a consultant for the project. The 87-year-old is considered the father of the six-cylinder boxer. In addition, Singer was able to hire the racing driver Marino Franchitti and the Top Gear presenter Chris Harris as additional consultants.

4,000 hours of construction time

In addition to the modifications to the engine, the first model will receive a new one aerodynamically optimized underbody and other optimized add-on parts. The chassis has also been revised, with the focus here on lower weight, new chassis geometry and improved setting options. The use of magnesium, titanium and carbon also reduce the vehicle weight to 990 kilos. 18-inch BBS magnesium rims with central locks and special Michelin tires keep contact with the road. Thanks to the carbon discs, a lightweight brake system from Brembo should ensure adequate deceleration and also save weight, just like the six-speed manual gearbox made of magnesium from Hewland.

The construction of a Singer Porsche takes an average of 4,000 hours and happens exclusively by hand. The Californians name their models after their places of origin. For example “Florida Car”. Singer used to build engines from Ed Pink Racing, among others, which push the four-liter, six-cylinder boxer to 396 hp. From the models on the SingerBuild a Dynamics and Lightweighting Study (DLS), a maximum of 75 vehicles are created.


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