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Siemens gets into Northvolt's battery factory

New battery factory in Sweden
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D the Swedish company Northvolt is planning to build a European battery factory. In the city of Skelleftea with a population of 35,000, the production of batteries for electric cars is to start in 2020. The size corresponds roughly to Tesla's Gigafactory in the US state of Nevada. Northvolt wants to produce 32 GWh (gigawatt hours) per year.

The Northvolt managers around the former Tesla man Peter Carlsson can now look forward to another injection of funds. Siemens is investing 10 million euros in Northvolt.

With the capacity planned for 2023 in Sweden, they want to build batteries for up to 400,000 electric cars per year. In addition, lithium-ion batteries are to be supplied to Siemens for use in trains and energy systems.

So far, battery targets have come from Asia

Of course, the battery factory in Sweden can only be a start, if the European automotive industry does not want to make itself completely dependent on Asian suppliers for the transition to electric vehicles. So far, all batteries come from the Far East, no car manufacturer except Volkswagen is thinking out loud about producing its own power storage.

Jan Mrosik, Director of the Digital Factory department at Siemens, says: “We are delighted to have Northvolt at m To help build the battery factory of the future. We play our part in the competitive production of battery cells in Europe, in which the advantages of digitization and automation come fully into play: flexibility, efficiency and quality with a short time to market. '

The production of Battery cells represent both the competitive advantage and the difference to Tesla's Gigafactory in the USA. The American electric car manufacturer uses cells supplied from Asia to manufacture the batteries in its factory.


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