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Shelby Super Snake 2015: The snake with the strongest bite

Shelby Super Snake 2015
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That sounds a little harsh at first, but in the end it is a compliment for the muscle car. Because what is created at Shelby in Las Vegas should not be a fake snake, but an exclusive car for PS enthusiasts: the new S helby Super Snake . 300 pieces are produced a year, there is nothing more. It is built on the 5.0L V8 version of the 2015 Ford Mustang.

Shelby Super Snake bites poisonously

Thanks to a new cooling system and a more powerful compressor from Ford Performance, the snake bites with a poisonous 750 PS in the asphalt. However, so far not in the European ones, because the few Shelby importers do not yet have the most powerful Mustang model to date in their catalog.

The changes are not limited to the engine power, but also include the chassis, the also bears the Ford Performance stamp. New rims, tires, brakes and a Borla exhaust system complete the Shelby package.

According to the manufacturer, the Shelby Super Snake should not only be suitable for full throttle in a straight line, but also for cornering on the racetrack cut a fine figure. Around $ 50,000 must be put on the table at Shelby for the poisonous reptile. However, the most important thing is still missing: The basis. You should still buy a Ford Mustang GT, it is not included in the price.

You can see what the finished piece of jewelery looks like in our picture gallery. As Europeans we will have to be content with the normal Mustang for the time being. But okay, one thing at a time.


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