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Shelby GT350 at Geiger Cars: everyday racer with 533 hp

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Shelby GT350 by Geiger Cars
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I n Based on the original devised by Carroll Shelby in 1965 of the Shelby GT350, Ford recently crowned the sixth Mustang generation with the new Shelby GT350. And Carroll Shelby's now 50-year-old vision of a radical road racing car in the guise of an 'everyday car' lives on in the new GT350. The car is now on display at the US car specialists at Geiger Cars in Munich. The price of the pony car is 82,900 euros.

For this money, the Shelby fan gets a lot of racing and speed power. For example, a very special 5.2-liter V8 thunders under the long hood of the Shelby GT350. In contrast to the 'normal' “Mustang eight-enders, this comprehensively modified racing engine has a weight-optimized flat plane crankshaft with a crank pin offset of 180 degrees. This unique selling point enables the free-suction 32-valve engine to swing up to dizzying engine speeds: its maximum output of 533 hp is only 7,500 rpm. on, the torque curve reaches 4,750 rpm. its peak of 582 Nm. In extreme cases, the 5.2 liter engine turns up to 8,250 rpm. The speed orgies of the GT350 engine are accompanied by a corresponding sound which, according to Geiger Cars, cannot be compared with that of 'conventionally' built V8 engines.

The new Mustang is on the road on 10.5x19 and 11x19 inch aluminum rims and tires measuring 295 /35ZR19 and 305 /35ZR19.

Optimized for track use

The engine power is always transmitted to the drive wheels via a manual 6-speed Tremec gearbox. A Torsen limited-slip differential supports theRear wheels in their search for grip. Speaking of grip: the Mustang Shelby GT350 has a sports chassis with adaptive shock absorbers as standard in order to optimize the grip of the sports rubbers in the dimensions 295 /35ZR19 and 305 /35ZR19 stretched on 10.5x19 and 11x19 inch aluminum rims. The Brembo brake system with 6-piston calipers and 392 millimeter discs on the front and 4-piston calipers and 380 mm brake discs on the rear axle is also designed and dimensioned for demanding track use. Recaro sports seats and a sound system are also included as standard. The 'Technology' and 'Track' equipment packages are also optionally available, each of which includes the adjustable MagneRide damping system and other comfort and multimedia extras.

Both the front apron, the bonnet and the front fenders were modified for the new edition of the GT350.

Other bug than with standard Mustangs

Only at second or third glance does it become apparent that the Shelby GT350 pushes a completely different bug into the wind compared to the standard Mustangs: Both the front apron (even beefier) ​​and the bonnet (flatter) and the front fenders (with in integrated air outlets) have been modified - among other things, in order to accommodate the 35 millimeter wider track of the front axle in an aerodynamically efficient manner. At the rear, the GT350 has a more shaped rear insert and a more discreet spoiler lip on the trunk lid.


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