Shelby Ford Mustang GT 350: New Legend

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Shelby Ford Mustang GT 350 model year 2011
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In 1964 the car manufacturer Ford to racing legend Carroll Shelby with the request that the F ord Mustang with the secretary image a real racing car to make and thus boost sales. Shelby built the GT 350 and the Mustang became a sure-fire success.

Shelby continues its own success story

45 years later, Shelby established himself of his own success story. Based on the new five-liter model of the 2011 Mustang vintage, the Texan again launched a GT 350 kit. For a surcharge of around 24,000 euros, which roughly corresponds to the price of the basic model, the Mustang increases to over 500 hp.

The jump in performance by a good 100 hp is made possible by installing a compressor. In addition, the V8 receives new blue valve covers with GT 350 logos. The brake system, which operates with six-piston pins at the front, is also being upgraded. In order to be able to cope with the increased performance, the chassis is tuned tighter and the stabilizers are replaced. In the wheel arches, wide tires rotate on 19-inch rims.

The new GT 350 also optically emulates its model. The 2011 GT 350 comes exclusively in white with the two traditional blue vertical stripes on the body. A large air scoop sits enthroned on the bonnet, while smaller scoops supply the brakes with cooling air all around. The front and back aprons have also been redrawn. A small spoiler on the trunk lid provides additional downforce.

GT 350 license plates in the interior are a sticker with the serial number and three additional instruments attached to the A-pillar. The new Shelby GT 350 was presented at a Barrett-Jackson auction in Scottsdale.


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