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Shelby American turns 50: partying with Cobra and Mustang

Shelby American
Shelby American turns 50
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D three of the anniversary models are based on the current Ford Mustang , a fourth continues the legendary Cobra series from the 1960s.

Shelby Cobra special models already sold out

To celebrate three Mustangs

Some of the special models based on the Ford Mustang are still available. Special series of the Shelby GT500 Super Snake, the GT350 and the GTS are offered. Only 100 copies of each model are to be produced - 50 vehicles painted white with gold stripes and 50 vehicles with black paint and gold stripes.

The special equipment packages include various anniversary badges, upgraded interiors, special rims, Six-piston front brake calipers and special chassis numbers that also include access to the exclusive circle of the official Shelby directory. The special models will only be handed over in the Shelby factory in Las Vegas.

Anniversary surcharge of 60,000 dollars

The Super Snake Mustang can be ordered as a coupé or a convertible in the power levels 650, 750 or 800 hp. The package surcharge for the GT500 series is around 60,000 dollars.

The anniversary package for the GT350 based on the Ford also costs around 60,000 dollarsMustang 5.0 GT. The output levels 430, 525 and 624 hp for coupé and convertible are offered here. The package for the GTS based on the Coupé with V6 or V8 engine costs between 20,000 and 25,000 dollars extra. The Mustang Jubi models were presented at the Detroit Motor Show.


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