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SHC Concept Car: Environmentally friendly compact sports car

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SHC concept car design study
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S HC stands for Super Hatchback Concept at Jamie Martin - a car that should combine sporty driving performance with a chic design, environmental friendliness and a shiny appearance.

Design borrowings from VW Scirocco and Volvo C30

In its basic form with the distinctively shaped rear shoulder areas, the SHC seems to be based on the VW Scirocco un d to use the Volco C30 . With a length of just under four meters, it remains well below the Swede, but exceeds it with 1.92 meters in width and with a height of 1.36 meters it is more crouched. The powerful proportions are supported by the equally powerful wheel arches of the two-door model, which with a wheelbase of 2.60 meters pushes the 18-inch light alloy wheels with their 245/40 tires far into the corners of the vehicle are provided by two pronounced profiles that extend in a raised V-shape from the windshield of the SHC Concept Car over the bonnet and into the front apron. Flanking, ultra-flat LED light strips set accents. Mighty cooling air ducts on the left and right complete the sports car look of the SHC concept car.

The rear is highlighted by the vertically sloping glass tailgate, the large-scale rear lights and the diffuser with the integrated trapezoidal tailpipes.

Lightweight construction lowers combat weight

An all-aluminum chassis works under the lightweight body, which is mainly made of aluminum sheets and special steels and partly made of plastic with electronically controlled dampers, a racing brake system and an aerodynamically clad underbody.

There is no windshield wiper at all. Here, water-repellent window surfaces, a targeted air flow and powerful window heating should ensure a clear view at all times. The door handles on the SHC concept car are just hidden.

Bi-turbo petrol or hybrid drive

It should be variable Give SHC Concept Car for the drive concept. Optionally, a transversely installed gasoline engine with direct injection, bi-turbo charging, start-stop system, and regenerative is plannedBrake system and auxiliary units controlled as required, which can be combined with a manual six-speed gearbox or a seven-speed dual clutch gearbox, or a hybrid drive train. Here, an electric motor on the front axle is to be combined with a small gasoline engine as a range extender and high-performance batteries as energy storage. The range for purely electric operation should be around 110 kilometers. Three driving programs can be preselected at the push of a button.

The classic combustion engine is more dynamic. With an output of 270 hp and a maximum torque of 394 Nm, the SHC concept car should spurt from zero to 100 km /h in 5.6 seconds and reach a top speed of almost 270 km /h. the average consumption should nevertheless level off at 4.5 liters per 100 kilometers (115 g /km CO2).

Should the SCH concept car actually become a reality by 2014, Jamie Martin has even calculated a price: the equivalent of around 31,000 euros.


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