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Shanghai Auto Show 2015: Our Tops & amp; Flops from Shanghai

Jochen Knecht
Shanghai Auto Show 2015
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Another Audi Prologue

D he Mercedes GLC Coupé was well received by our editors because or even though it had no interior - Mercedes only showed the body, but the declaration of war in the direction of Bavarian Competition has already been pushed - and what is Audi doing? They couldn't show an SUV crossover, instead (again) a Prologue study. We have now seen three of them; at some point it will be enough. This time it was an all-road Avant version that we were allowed to climb into and feel good about.

A Chinese SUV is a positive surprise

The colleagues surprisingly felt at home in a Chinese-style SUV - the Haval H8.

However, certain similarities with the design of European off-road vehicles cannot be denied, and there is a reason for that: The The Chinese are reluctant to buy their own cars, but rather those from abroad. German, Japanese and American brands dominate the streets of Shanghai.

In our picture gallery we present the tops and flops of the Shanghai Auto Show 2015.


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