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Service station (36) Volvo P 1800: My dear Swede

Service station (36) Volvo P 1800
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' The more beautiful Amazon 'is what Ernst Amon from Amon GmbH in Hafnerbach in Lower Austria calls the V olvo P 1800. He is alluding to the close technical relationship between the two models, which is why the service station on the Amazon contains a number of information that can be transferred to the Volvo P 1800.

The Bosch D -Jetronic sometimes causes problems in the Volvo P 1800

There are bigger differences h only with the Volvo P 1800 or the estate models ES. They not only had disc brakes all round, but also a different type of mixture preparation: an electronic injection system.

It is precisely this Bosch D-Jetronic that gives many workshops and many Volvo P 1800 owners a headache. Many spare parts for this system are now absolutely in short supply and very expensive, which also applies to Volvo P 1800 used parts. And then troubleshooting. 'Once the worm is in here, and especially if someone is not familiar with the system, it can be quite expensive,' says Amon.

The mentioned price of 200 euros for a system check of the Volvo P 1800 E should therefore be treated with caution. It can be cheaper, but it can also cost significantly more. 'Since there are many sources of error, it depends on how quickly you find what you are looking for,' says Volvo specialist Peer Buttkereit. A certain amount of experience is helpful, including knowing which things should be checked before looking for the cause of certain irregularities in the engine running in the injection system.

'Starting problems can arise if the system pressure has dropped too much after the engine has been switched off,' says Buttkereit, describing a possible defect in the D-Jetronic. Examples of other possible errors: If the temperature sensor for the water temperature is defective, the Volvo P 1800 engine runs too rich, if the engine jerks slightly while driving and the accelerator pedal position remains the same, the throttle valve switch must be replaced. Uneven idling can indicate worn release contacts that are located under the centrifugal governor in the distributor. The control unit receives information about theEngine speed.

Conversion to a modern injection system - or retrofitting to a carburetor

Anyone familiar with the structure of the Volvo P 1800 injection system can measure the system and holding pressure and check all parts with a multimeter . But what should you do if a part that is currently unavailable is defective? 'You could of course install a modern, programmable injection system while retaining the appearance,' suggests Buttkereit. But in his experience, the costs of around 2,000 euros are too high for many. About half of it can be converted to a carburetor.

Regarding the carburetor adjustment on the Volvo P 1800 or Volvo P 1800 S models, it should be noted that the carburettors sometimes draw in secondary air unnoticed because the intake pipe is warped Has. The resulting gap changes depending on the temperature of the pipe and thus also the amount of secondary air. Correct adjustment of the carburetor is therefore not possible.

Tropical network keeps the Volvo P 1800 ES cool.

One more word about cooling. According to Peer Buttkereit's experience, the cooling water temperature of the higher compression injection engines rises sharply when idling. At some point the viscous fan switches on, but it has a lot of trouble 'if the plastic diffuser is missing on the cooler and the air is not drawn properly through the cooler,' explains Buttkereit. The installation of a cooler with a tropical net ensures a more relaxed situation for the Volvo P 1800.

The felt ring seals on the crankshaft of the Volvo P 1800 are definitely in need of improvement. If the clutch needs to be changed, at least the rear seal should be replaced with a Simmerring on this occasion. A completely new sealing of the engine only makes sense from a financial point of view because of the extensive dismantling work as part of an overhaul - if the oil does not flow in streams to the ground.

Steering parts for the Volvo P 1800 E are rare

But now to the chassis. Here, too, as with the engine, the costs for maintenance and repairs are pleasingly low. So if you can't screw things yourself, you don't have to worry that the workshop visits will make you a poor man. However, you can expect annoyance when the steering of the Volvo P 1800 E is worn out. The supply of new parts has run dry at the moment, used goods are also rare.

Sometimes it is a little more expensive than expected to change the worn silent bushings of the rear trailing arm. Over time, where these are linked to the rear axle, dirt collects in the gusset plates, which binds moisture and corrodes the Volvo P 1800 trailing arms. These then have to be completely replaced, which is why instead of the expected 160 euros, a good 400 euros suddenly appear on the bill. To avoid this, you should now and then thoroughly remove the accumulated dirt in this area of ​​the Volvo P 1800 E.

In additionno screwdriver skills are required. But even those who are skilled at screwing should exercise caution with some things. For example, if you remove the drum from the Volvo P 1800 models with a rear drum brake to change the lining, 'you need a stable hub puller', warns Buttkereit. Anyone using a claw puller will ruin the brake drum.

Often the Volvo P 1800 drum with the castle nut is not tightened enough, 'adds Buttkereit. With the result that the drum moves while driving and the conical axle shaft is irreversibly destroyed.

Low-priced Volvo P 1800 parts prices

Sometimes the overdrive can no longer be saved. The less robust type D was used for the Volvo P 1800 carburettors. So that it lasts longer, ' you should check its planetary gear bearing when you get the chance, 'advises Buttkereit. This is useful if the gearbox has to be dismantled as part of any repairs. Otherwise, the overdrive may be totally damaged while driving without warning Overdrive is still available, but a new complete part is no longer available, 'says Kai Buttkereit, who takes care of the parts supply at Buttkereit.

Basically, however, the spare parts location for the Volvo P 1800 is good, and the parts are usually very cheap. As mentioned, the latter also applies to repairs, even if they have to be left to the workshop. However, the car should be in a well-maintained condition. 'Then', says Fritz Schöbel from the Volvo P 1800 IG, 'there are no problems like with the Volvo Amazon.'


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