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I Within two years the prices for Lamborghini Miura are downright skyrocketing shot. Anyone who thinks that such expensive cars are all perfectly maintained is mistaken. The high price led to brisk trade in these cars. “The current maintenance status can easily be forgotten. Or necessary service work is only carried out in a makeshift manner prior to resale, ”says Roland Staub. He takes care of classic Lamborghini in Switzerland.

Driving fun is priceless, changing spark plugs costs 300 euros

Miura owners who want to have a long-term and happy relationship with their car do good thing to pay attention to regular service appointments. Of course, this is not cheap. It starts with a succinct spark plug change, which requires a special key and costs over 300 euros, because one of the twelve platinum W5 DPO spark plugs alone costs a good 23 euros.

That brings us to one of them main service points, the ignition. 'This is wrongly set in over 90 percent of all Lamborghini Miura', knows Lambo expert Wolfgang Instinsky, who has relocated his workshop run together with son-in-law Thomas Meck from Stuttgart to Seewald Erzgrube in the Black Forest.

Color markings or Grain marks on the distributor housing quickly tell him that laypeople were at work here. If you know how it works, you don't need something like that. Correctly adjusted ignition is not only necessary for perfect engine operation, 'it also prevents kickbacks in the carburetor, which can lead to carburetor burns,' explains Roland Staub.

This is truly a hot topic, because it used to be Such incidents paralyzed a number of Lamborghini Miura. But it is not just the ignition that is to blame. “The float level of the carburetor is often not right,” explains Wolfgang Instinsky. 'Then when the engine is switched off, gasoline flows in, the carburetor overflows and the fuel ignites on the hot engine,' he continues the chain of events up to the worst-case scenario.

That there is a lot of improvisation and at this point too is tinkered with is proven by the swimmers, who have been tortured by screwdrivers and whom he has already encountered while dismantling carburetors. The float level can only be adjusted correctly with the appropriate specialist knowledge and - obviously - the right tool, which includes a measuring gauge.

Lamborghini Miura- Adjusting the valves makes 4,800 euros

The fact that some service work requires a considerable amount of work is already illustrated by the fact that carrying out a major customer service should include removing the twelve-cylinder engine. In the Lamborghini Miura in particular, the accessibility of the cylinder bank facing the passenger compartment is very poor.

On a dismantled engine, things such as setting the valve clearance can be carried out much more easily and therefore more correctly. In doing so, Wolfgang Instinsky encountered quite a few surprises at the heart of the Lamborghini Miura. For example, extremely thinly ground valve setting plates that can break at any time. The reason for this lies in the valve seats that have been milled too much, which means that the valves are too close to the camshaft. This was then compensated for by extremely thinly ground adjusting plates.

Another mistake that is often made concerns the tensioning of the timing chains. To do this, the gears on the camshafts on which the timing chains run have to be loosened and the guide pins present there have to be removed so that the gears can rotate freely. Otherwise the camshafts will be distorted - the timing is no longer correct. But of course the valve covers have to be removed for this, which some screwdrivers like to save.

Engine overhaul - from 40,000 euros

One more word about the engine overhaul of the Lamborghini Miura, should it ever be necessary . Those who expect good work and value the use of high-quality parts must expect expenses of 40,000 euros and more - depending on the effort required. But what good is even the best of a job if the poor casting of the engine components of the Lamborghini Miura at the factory ensures that oil suddenly escapes in some places?

Fine cracks or tiny pores that were previously covered by deposited dirt particles were kept tight, are suddenly free after cleaning the parts and let the oil outside. In order to prevent this, Wolfgang Instinsky now has parts such as the block and cylinder heads impregnated in a vacuum.

As part of an engine overhaul of the Lamborghini Miura, Instinsky also offers to convert to a helical gear set that he has produced, which is what Loud howling and singing of the straight-toothed series version significantly reduced. Incidentally, he also has all the parts ready to convert the P 400 and S models to a separate oil circuit for the engine and transmission, as was the case with the SV ex works.

Now we come to the clutch, which according to Roland Dust in the Lamborghini Miura suffers relatively often from wear and tear. Special tools are required for replacement. Another point concerns the stiffness of the clutch. This is due to the lack of lubrication of the sleeve pressed into the release bearing, which turns with the Miura while driving and when clutchingis pressed against the automatic clutch. This should be lubricated regularly and with a tough grease that resists centrifugal forces.

Unfortunately, some gaps in spare parts make some necessary repairs more difficult. This applies, for example, to the Koni shock absorbers that are hardly available anymore. But the experts are constantly looking for solutions to problems. For example, Instinsky offers water pumps in exchange with ceramic technology instead of the series version with the vulnerable stuffing box.

Fortunately, every Lamborghini Miura has so far been able to be made roadworthy again. It's just a shame that they are so rarely seen on the street.


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