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Semiconductor shortage at Mercedes: Less special equipment

The semiconductor crisis is causing delivery problems at Mercedes. Some optional extras are currently not available; customers have to downgrade or wait.

What a firework of technology it was when Mercedes presented the new S-Class - head-up display with augmented reality, projectors as headlights and the latest MBUX generation. And then? Then comes the EQS and takes it one step further with the huge hyperscreen – almost as if the entire cockpit were made up of one display. This development is understandable in view of the general automotive trends, but the ongoing semiconductor crisis is currently making this a problem.,

A spokeswoman for Mercedes explained at the request of auto motor und sport: "Due to the effects of Due to the supply bottlenecks currently existing worldwide for certain semiconductor components, there are currently equipment restrictions in various series. This also results in delays in delivery." In concrete terms, this means for customers that many (electronic) special equipments such as large infotainment systems cannot currently be configured for new cars. This also applies to vehicles that have already been ordered.

Downsizing in the cockpit

"If the customers subsequently decide in favor of reduced equipment, the purchase price will be adjusted according to the equipment that is no longer available. If the customers do not agree to the equipment changes and do not want to take over the vehicle, we will look for other, individual solutions together." , promises the manufacturer. It is obvious that this circumstance in turn has an impact on the existing vehicles. Of course, what was already in the dealer's yard was sold off at first, but stocks are finite and this is now reflected in a massive slump in sales. Mercedes delivered 428,361 vehicles from June to the end of September - that's 30.2 percent less than in the same period last year.,

Delivery control is currently flexible in order to limit waiting times as much as possible, according to Stuttgart. Vehicle handovers are heavily dependent on individual equipment and the short-term availability of parts. This also means that sales generators such as the S-Class or prestigious series such as the EQS are primarily supplied by Mercedes with the tightly dimensioned chips for completion. By the way, if you want to make your mouth water a little, you can do so in our photo show at the top of the article.,


The semiconductor crisis continues to circulate and there is no end in sight. With vehicles that are becoming more and more technologically complex, this is of course a problem that is likely to soon spill over onto the used car market, which has already been severely plundered since Corona. Because if you can't get the new car you want, you're probably looking for a young used one.


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