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Securing the location: Talks about job guarantee at Porsche

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B around 10,000 employees in the factory at the sports car manufacturer's headquarters in Stuttgart-Zuffenhausen are affected as well as at the locations in Ludwigsburg and Weissach.

New paint shop is a commitment to the Zuffenhausen location

'We are in negotiations for a new site security agreement ', said Group Works Council chief Uwe Hück on Monday (February 2nd) at the topping-out ceremony for a new paint shop. A company spokesman confirmed the talks. No information was given on details of the negotiations.

The new paint shop is also a commitment by the company to the location, emphasized Hück. Porsche AG boss Michael Macht stated that the investments of almost 200 million euros were an important decision for the sports car manufacturer for the future, despite the difficult economic situation in the auto industry. 'Standstill would be exactly the wrong decision in a crisis,' emphasized the manager.

The new paint shop is due to go into operation in 2011 and will become one of the most modern and environmentally friendly systems for automobiles. In two-shift operation, up to 170 cars of the series Porsche 911 and Porsche Boxster painted and with a new system the emissions for solvents and fine dust are reduced to a minimum.

The paint shop is being built on a site next to the main Porsche factory, which used to belong to Dürr AG. As a specialist in painting systems, this is the general contractor for the project.


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