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Second car - all information about the right insurance coverage

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Second car insurance is particularly worthwhile for beginners

W If you have already taken out car insurance for a vehicle, you can save a lot on the insurance of your second car. For example, it is worthwhile for new drivers to register their own vehicle through their parents. The second vehicle does not have to be taken out with the same insurance. As with the first vehicle, the insurance can be freely selected.

When the second vehicle is first insured, the insurance companies usually classify the 'newcomers' as damage freedom class SF ½ a. The SF classes S, 0 and M can also be bypassed by novice drivers. In our insurance comparison you can see which price advantages you can achieve with this.

Claims-free years can be covered later

For novice drivers, make sure that you are specified as a passenger so that you can be in In the event of a claim, there is no problem with assuming the costs. It is also important to know that novice drivers can take over the claim-free years when switching to their own insurance. However, the number of claims-free years to be taken over is limited to the years that have passed since the driver's license was obtained and could therefore be collected at most.


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