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Seat VIP reporter Tino experiences the premiere of the Seat Ateca in Geneva

Roman Domes
Geneva Motor Show 2020
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S eat his first SUV, the Ateca, would have a lot be able to bring them to market earlier. At least, says auto motor und sport reader Tino Richter, who is allowed to accompany the premiere of the Spaniard at the Geneva Motor Show. 'You should have brought him before the turn of the year,' says the 40-year-old father of two, who comes from near Bremen. Today he can feel like a real reporter - including interviews with high-ranking managers from Seat Germany.

The Seat Ateca came for our readers a few months too late

Germany boss Bernhard Bauer knows the questions about the timing of the Ateca premiere and is prepared for Tino's question in an interview: 'We now know exactly after a long analysis of the competitors and the market what our customers want and need, 'says Bauer in an interview with the VIP reporter. Bad luck for Tino: He had to choose a car in December 2015 - and the Ateca didn't exist then.

Roman Domes
Premiere: the Seat Ateca is unveiled by boss Luca De Meo.

'That's why I took the Volvo XC60,' replied the graduate engineer when asked which car he now owns. An SUV should definitely be big and practical. Features that also apply to the new Ateca.

'Great car at a reasonable price'

The engineer who works in steel construction thinks that the Seat too would have exactly met his requirements. Like the VW Tiguan, the Ateca is based on the Volkswagen Group's modular transverse matrix, but was designed and developed entirely in Spain. That's what they're proud of at Seat, thatalso emphasizes brand boss Luca De Meo, who predicts a great future for the SUV, and thus also Seat itself.

'Our brand has been growing continuously in Germany for five years, 2016 should be no different,' reads De Meo's announcement for this year. A second place in sales after the Leon does not seem impossible. The demand for SUVs continues unabated, and with the Ateca there is a particularly cheaper one on the market if you go for the entry-level price. The basic version with the 115 hp petrol engine costs 19,990 euros. 'An unbeatable price for what is on offer,' says Richter and is more than satisfied, even after the detailed seat rehearsal, accompanied by a video camera.

Roman Domes
Reporter: Tino Richter was allowed to attend the premiere.

Den Ateca is also available with 190 hp

But Richter wouldn't choose the one-liter gasoline engine, it should be a bit more powerful. 'I would probably use the 190 PS TDI,' he muses out loud. The all-wheel drive and a seven-speed DSG are also included. The volume model is likely to be the 150 hp 2.0 TDI, especially for business customers. 'We are aiming for a total of 20,000 units per year,' says Germany boss Bernhard Bauer in an interview with Richter.

In his private life, the car is over for Tino. 'But the Ateca would also be ideal as a company car!' Says Richter and sips his Coke during a break in filming.

Roman Domes
Exhausted: After a long andexhausting day you have to sit down first.

Finally a seat rehearsal in a dream car

And what would his absolute dream car be? He doesn't have to think twice. 'Come on, we're going to Hall 1, it's already there,' he replies and starts walking. The goal is a booth with a jumping horse logo - and no, it's not Ferrari. The Porsche 911 R should not only be Tino Richter's absolute dream, 475 hp, manual gearshift. Who could say 'no'?

At the end of the day, an exhausted reader-reporter Tino Richter is sitting at the Seat booth. 'I had a lot of fun this day. Exhausting, but really cool. It's a shame that I can't experience that every day.'

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