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Seat test Opel Adam at the Paris Motor Show

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Seat test Opel Adam at the Paris Motor Show
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Isn't it strange? In the past, the inside of cheap cars was not enough for a complete paneling of the sheet metal, today it is imitated again with colored plastic, and it even looks good. Nice side effect: You feel in this A dam a bit as a German champion. The yellow plastic applications on the dashboard and in the doors of course only really come into their own because the rest is black and anthracite.

Opel Adam with enough space for driver and front passenger

Let's not kid ourselves. The Opel Adam is small, it should yes, one of his strengths as a fashionable city runabout, but a wayside chapel isn't a domed structure inside either. The dark headliner and the narrow front window that still extends far forward awaken memories of when the mines were still in operation in Bochum.

But there is an easy remedy for the claustrophobic, because there are plenty of different colors and different patterns for the plastic surfaces on the dashboard. Many models are held in lighter shades of gray at the top, and the optional sliding glass roof creates subjectively much more space. So that we don't misunderstand each other: As far as the seating position is concerned, there is enough space for both driver and front passenger. Pleasing: The axial adjustment of the steering wheel makes it easy for tall people to set up comfortably.

Only at the back is there a quick shift in the shaft, of course. Adult passengers need flexible cervical spine in order to adapt to the steep incline of the headliner, but that is quite bearable for the way to the home game. At the very back, the rooms are narrow. The trunk can only be taken seriously as such if the rear seat backrests are steeply forward.

Opel Adam with good workmanship

While the processing of leather and plastic panels makes a good and by no means cheap impression at first glance, the acoustics create the opposite impression. Regardless of whether the trunk flap snaps shut or the inside of the handle is snapped against the headliner, the sound is really tinny.

The bottom line is that Adam makes you want toTo push yellow-black dwarf wasp into the fray in the parade from the Westfalenstadion towards Borsigplatz, if on the last matchday Bayern Munich did not become champions for the third time. It would be perfect if the name emblem could also be freely selected as part of the customization program. Opel Götze, Opel Reuss, that would be but what. Or even better and much more suitable for Germany's most down-to-earth region: Opel Błaszczykowski. Hmmma, isn't that awesome? I beg your pardon? Is it too long for the nameplate? Doesn't matter: Just write Cuba, datt will fit.


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