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Seat test Mercedes G-Class in China: The G-AMG works best

Dirk Weyhenmeyer, Daimler
Seat sample Mercedes G-Class at Auto China
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E s is an impressive one Summary: For 33 years, this car has brought Mercedes success in the off-road vehicle segment. Despite its comparatively old age, the G-Class is still a successful model in the auto motor und sport readers' poll 'The Best Cars', and the Chinese have now discovered this car for themselves - the most successful models in the range: The AMG Versions.

G-Class revamped inside

Now the G-Class is rolling in a revised version Form in trade. The box-shaped all-terrain walker will be available in a fresh form from June. Whereby: Outwardly hardly anything changes. Mercedes has focused more on the inner values ​​of the G-Class. So if you take a seat in the model for the first time, you will discover a modern world that is equipped with everything you could want, especially in terms of multimedia. The cockpit is completely new and supplemented by the standard equipment with Comand Online. Foresters can now go online in the realm of deer and wild boar and do their job using the Linguatronic voice control. All the switches that you touch look classy and high-quality. For example, the control unit for the locks is now painted in silver.

Whereby: The G-Class has a wide range of customer potential: 'It extends from Hong Kong to Hollywood,' said AMG boss Ola Källenius at the first presentation at the Auto China in Beijing. 'We were able to increase sales from 2009 to 2001 by 50 percent and last year we had the best sales result in seven years.' The question of how long the G-Class will be built no longer arises: It will continue to roll off the assembly line at Magna in Graz for a long time, indeed for a very long time. Mercedes even set up its own development and sales department there for the successful model, which is otherwise unrestrictedly allowed to use the modular system for the M- and GL-Class. Problems relating to pedestrian protection could be solved with soft materials in the area of ​​the front structure in such a way that there is no longer any question of discontinuing the series.

The new exterior mirrors with integrated indicators were from the M- and GL-Class taken over, the newly shaped grille supplemented with LED daytime running lights and sensors for the Parctronic. There is now off-road navigation, Distronic Plus, reversing camera and ESPwith trailer stabilization. However, the lane change assistant is still missing. Why? 'We still need something for the next facelift,' say the G-Class developers, who are proud that almost 40 percent of all variants come off the assembly line as AMG. The G65 costs 264,180 euros - there should be enough money in the till for further development stages.


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