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Seat test Mercedes CLA in China: This Mercedes is hot

Dirk Weyhenmeyer, Daimler
Mercedes CLA seat sample at Auto China
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E s is hard work to make your way through the crowds to the Mercedes CLA. Chinese journalists in particular are magically drawn to the 4.62 meter long limousine. Maybe it is due to the many chrome-plated points in the grill that shine like a starry sky at the viewer. The Chinese love such gimmicks as is well known.

Mercedes CLA bigger than the C-Class

The security forces are polite - and even stop the show car on the turntable. Now quickly, quickly, so that another colleague from China doesn't sit in front of me in the car. But before the seat rehearsal can start, I first have to get the door open. Okay, a show car remains a show car, which is why Mercedes calls this view of the CLA Concept Style Coupé and has equipped it with extendable door handles that are so thin that you might think you're holding a fork in your hand. One thing is clear: the real CLA will get classic bow handles from the beginning of 2013. Thank God.

But now into the integral seats, which immediately nestle around my sweaty body. No question about it: you get in touch, which doesn't make things any easier in the hot exhibition halls. But my gaze is immediately drawn to the instruments. Speedometer and tachometer of the Mercedes CLA are arranged in large tubes right in front of my eyes, flanked by large ventilation nozzles in turbine optics, which can change their color according to the temperature. From my point of view, they should have shone bright red, it's so warm, but it's just a strong yellow, as if we had 15 instead of 30 degrees.

More legroom than in a C-Class

We already know the fixed Apple-look screen from A- and B-Class, the high parapet is new, as is the one with white nubuck leather-covered instrument panel, the sports steering wheel with suede cover and black anodized chrome parts. A special gag of the designer: An artfully shaped clef on each of the boxes as a symbol that music is coming out of here.

There are also two integral seats in the rear, which are probably best for the planned AMG versionfit. But from 2013 the Mercedes CLA will of course also be available with conventional four-cylinder engines, which are already being used in the A- and B-Class. Then three people can take a seat in the back, who have more legroom there than in the C-Class - after all, the Mercedes CLA is five centimeters longer Mitte can't wait to get on board. In any case, there is great enthusiasm for the latest Mercedes design - the brand with the star has never ignited a better China hit at the Beijing Motor Show.


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