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Seat test Kia Niro Hybrid: fuel-saving SUV will be available at the end of 2016

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  • Sitting sample Kia Niro Hybrid

D he Kia Niro is based on a small SUV platform specially developed for him that is specially designed the hybrid drive is tailored. The use of high-strength steels should bring about a weight saving of 5 percent. From September 2017, the compact crossover will start with an additional plug-in hybrid drive, the battery of which can be charged from the socket.

Hybrid with 141 HP system output

The hybrid drive combines a 1.6- Liter four-cylinder petrol engine with petrol direct injection and an output of 105 hp and 147 Nm with a 32 kW electric motor integrated into the transmission. It draws its energy from a 1.56 kWh lithium polymer battery. The system performance is specified with 141 hp and 264 Nm. The newly developed six-speed dual clutch transmission is used for shifting. Kia wants to achieve CO2 emissions of 89 g /km. Kia specifies the consumption of the plug-in version as 1.3 liters of Super, which corresponds to CO2 emissions of 29 grams /km. The Kia Niro is available in the three versions Edition 7, Vision and Spirit and costs 24,990 euros in the entry-level hybrid version.

Kia names price for Niro plug-in hybrid

The plug-in Hybrid costs 32,350 euros. The state purchase premium for plug-in hybrid cars lowers the price to 29,350 euros. The battery, which has been enlarged to 8.9 kWh, and the option of charging at the socket, therefore costs € 7,360 gross and € 4,360 after deduction of the premium. The lithium polymer battery charges with 230 volts in 135 minutes. The plug-in hybrid drives up to 58 kilometers electrically and reaches speeds of up to 120 km /h. The output of 141 hp is identical in both models. Nevertheless, Kia indicates slightly better performance for the plug-in variant: Instead of 11.5 seconds, the plug-in sprints from zero to 100 km /h in 10.8 seconds. It reaches a maximum of 172 km /h, which is 10 km /h more than the hybrid without a plug. The trunk is smaller, with a volume of 324 liters of 421 left.

Compact dimensions, SUV look

In addition to its economical drive, the Niro should have plenty of space, many security systems and a modern one Bring design. The trunk volume is given as 421 liters. The Niro has a length of 4.35 meters, a width of 1.80 meters and a height of 1.54 meters. The wheelbase measures 2.70 meters. The pictures show a sporty oneSUV cut in the typical new Kia design. The Kia Niro is equipped with numerous assistance systems and a modern infotainment system with touchscreen control. For Europe, the Niro comes with 16 to 18-inch alloy wheels. Both hybrid models are approved for a trailer load of 1,300 kg.

There is sufficient space in the front and rear in the Niro.

So this is how the new hybrid from Kia looks in from the compact class: The alternative drive technology consisting of a 105 PS gasoline engine and 32 kW electric motor is not hidden in a familiar shell such as its sister model Cee'd, but neither is it combined with an idiosyncratic dress like the Toyota Prius, which has the Without the hybrid technology, interest would be kept within narrow limits. No, Kia is packing its hybrid platform developed with parent company Hyundai under what people are particularly interested in right now - a modern crossover that should not only inspire with its drive.

Kia Niro is like a compact car with off-road optics

At a height of 1.54 meters, the Niro is significantly flatter than the twelve centimeters longer Sportage, and without the make-up that is typical of off-road vehicles - roof rails, black wheel arches and sill trims as well as beefy bumpers on the front and rear indicated underrun protection - it could also be considered a golf competitor. The normal height seating position is also more reminiscent of a car than an SUV. At the front, new, weight-optimized seats are used, which make a comfortable impression when you try them out for the first time and which can not only be heated but also ventilated using buttons on the center console. The driver's seat can optionally be adjusted electrically, which is a shame that the seat cannot be lowered any further. But the headroom is sufficient.

Lots of space, little variability

This also applies to the seats in the rear, where the occupants do not complain about too little leg room can. Practical: There is a 230 volt socket between the front seat backrests, so you don't have to worry about itchildren's electronic toys on long trips run out of power. On the other hand, there is unfortunately no through-loading opening behind the center armrest, and the Niro does not have more to offer in terms of variability than a split rear seat backrest. After all, this creates a step-free loading area. When the seats are set up, the wide, but rather flat luggage compartment under the roller blind cover should hold 421 liters.

Smartphones charge inductively

Back to the cockpit. Instruments and controls are high-quality and pleasantly playful, and the 'Driver only' button in the air conditioning unit is noticeable. It starts with a button, and the current flow of power in the hybrid system can be observed on the integrated infotainment display. As usual with Kia, there is a large and practical storage compartment with a 12 volt socket, USB and AUX connection in front of the selector lever, and if you put a mobile phone in here, you can charge it wirelessly there.

Next to Thanks to the blue instrument lighting, the surrounds in the steering wheel and in the doors add color to the interior. The latter enclose the window regulator and exterior mirror operating unit as well as the door opener and have a smooth surface. Otherwise, the cockpit is mostly gray.

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