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Seat test Ford Mustang GT350 at the L.A. Auto Show: The horse becomes an animal

Jochen Knecht
Seat test Ford Mustang GT350 at the LA Auto Show
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E there are moments that come you as a car writer on crooked thoughts. If you find the key in the center console during the seat test in the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350, for example. You could ... The 5.2-liter V8? So just for a moment ... For a quick burger around the corner? Of course it wasn't. Because: Ford's new super Mustang is on a pedestal. And that doesn't work with flying after all. But pretty much everything else that a muscle car fan would like to see.

Anyone who wants to sneak inconspicuously from block to block is definitely wrong with the Shelby Mustang. Quite apart from the white paintwork with the two characteristic blue vertical stripes, you simply cannot look past the new body kit. Wide cheeks, larger air inlets, the new massive front apron and of course the usual evil look. This pony certainly doesn't want to just stand good on the pasture.

High-revving V8 with over 500 hp

The pulse then drops significantly in the cockpit. Nasty run-of-the-mill plastic, a little randomly distributed buttons and trim in the dashboard that make every effort to look like the cheap copy of well-made chrome imitation. But it doesn't matter, we already know that from American horsepower showers. Besides, everything is there that you need. The massive sports steering wheel, flattened at the bottom, with the Shelby Cobra, fine Recaro sports chairs and a red start button. So that we don't get ourselves wrong: It's a bit sad that you can't see a little bit of such a fine fellow's technical subtleties and power in the interior. There is a lot to talk about when it comes to technology.

The active Dynamic Ride dampers alone fill entire chapters in the sales brochure of the Audi R8 or various Ferraris. The dampers are adjusted to the driving situation independently every ten milliseconds. Five different modes can be selected and, in addition to the changed damper identification, also affect steering, accelerator pedal sensitivity, exhaust system, as well as ABS and traction control. So much effort in a muscle car? Yep. Because: Rigid axles are now history with the Mustang too. It goes without saying that the V8 does not come off the shelf for heavy commercial vehicles either. The eight-cylinder is the most powerful naturally aspirated engine that Ford has ever built in series. From 5.2Liter displacement land over 500 hp on the crankshaft. The maximum torque is 542 Nm. Unusual for a US V8 is the use of a flat plane crankshaft with a 180 degree crank pin offset, as is often used in Italian sports cars. In other words: high engine speeds are not a problem.

Ford Mustang GT350 starts early 2015

Anything else? Clear. Should one of the horses actually go through, the six-piston calipers from Brembo, which bite into 394 discs, hit the front axle. At the rear, 380 mm discs and four-piston calipers support. So much braking power takes up space. Apart from that, the 19-inch wheels suit the Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 extremely well.

Fancy a little pony riding? Then first of all, patience is required. In the USA until at least the beginning of 2015. In Europe even longer. Costs? 'Wait and see,' says the Ford man at the booth and first of all brings the key to a safe place.


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