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Seat test Cadillac ATS-V at the L.A. Auto Show: The American answer to BMW M3 and Co

Jochen Knecht
Seat test Cadillac ATS-V at the LA auto show
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Because of the rumbling V8: The C adillac ATS-V sets like many European ones Opponents meanwhile on a charged six-cylinder. Or, to be more precise, a biturbo engine that delivers 461 hp in the new top version. He demonstrates this potency from the outside. Four large, centrally arranged tailpipes - as in the BMW M3 and M4 - and a spoiler lip on the boot lid emphasize the sporty look. The front, with a grill that is larger than the production version, has an additional spoiler.

The interior is disappointing. The materials seem a bit very simple. Some design elements of the cockpit are familiar from Opel models. There is no special sports steering wheel or similar applications that clearly distinguish the ATS-V from the standard model. On the other hand, the potent American shouldn't be as expensive as the German premium competition.

Cadillac ATS-V can run at almost 300 km /h

What I like is the comfort of the sports seats with strong lateral support, which are covered with leather. The shift paddles of the optionally available eight-speed automatic are conveniently mounted on the steering wheel and are sufficiently large. The automatic is also used in the current Corvette Stingray. Alternatively, there is the ATS-V with a manual six-speed gearbox.

In terms of top speed, the ATS-V should scratch just under the 300 km /h mark, the sprint to 60 mph is completed by the ATS in 3.9 seconds. Braking is done with a large Brembo system, Cadillac does not offer an optional carbon or ceramic brake. Adaptive dampers should ensure good comfort and better handling, the electric steering comes from ZF. The chassis and steering can be adjusted via the driving dynamics switch. There are five different modes to choose from.

At around $ 60,000, the ATS-V costs roughly the same as a BMW M3 in the USA, but offers a little more space. Cadillac has chosen the wheel dimension for everyday use and budget-friendly. 18-inch is a common size, which should keep tire costs in check. Nevertheless, the overall package seems quite expensive compared to a BMW M3. Start of production is spring 2015. Whether and when the car will come to Europe,is not yet known.


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