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Seat sample Qoros 3 at the Geneva Motor Show: China Weeks

Dino Eisele
Geneva Auto Salon 2020
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China's new foray into Europe is generating great interest, not just from the media. The nicely designed Qoros also attracts the industry in droves. During the a uto motor und sport rehearsal in the new sedan from the In the middle, Porsche boss Matthias M├╝ller also looked through the side window.

Qoros 3 with a still modest finish

There he can see a neatly designed cockpit, albeit the soberly designed one The dashboard and console do not necessarily correspond to the current fashion. The docking station for the smart phone in front of the automatic selector lever does that. Their functions can be operated on a large touchscreen. The docking station, like the controls on the steering wheel, is mounted quite wobbly. Our Qoros 3 is still a pre-production car.

Like the comfortable seats, the steering wheel is leather-covered and the bottom is flattened like a racing car. This makes getting in easier, it should be interesting when cranking in parking spaces. Despite the dark plastic surfaces in the interior, there is no sadness, a little piano lacquer look and aluminum trim, but above all the light fabric on the roof pillars and the headliner ensure. The presented version with a sunroof, however, restricts the headroom for taller passengers.

The Chinese of the world likes to sit in the back and be driven in the chaotic city traffic of Beijing. The back seat is comfortable and the legroom is pleasant. However, the front seats are so deep that you can hardly put your feet under them. The Qoros collects plus points with the indentations in the front seat backrests, in which either pointed knees, but above all a tablet PC or reading material can be conveniently stowed. Speaking of storage space: the trunk is a deep throat and offers plenty of space.


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