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Seat sample Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion: Mercedes drives autonomously

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Z u Is the air at home again? And isn't the mood in the office much better? Don't worry, the rescue is near: 'Third Place' is what Mercedes calls its vision of the future living space in the car, which, viewed in the light, represents an extension of the private sphere, which you can design yourself using multimedia as you wish : This vision of 'City of the Future 2030+' is still a few years away.

Then it can make the area we are driving through more beautiful with the help of complex display technology - the smog of Beijing, for example fade out, show untouched nature in places where it really goes through endless industrial landscapes, and replace prefabricated housing estates with chic residential areas. George Orwell, despite all the power of vision in your book '1984' you didn't know that - the virtual replaces reality to an unprecedented extent.

Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion offers luxury over 5.20 meters Length

In this case, third place is 5.22 meters long and two meters wide, the wheelbase is an impressive 3.61 meters, and the whole thing stands on huge 26-inch wheels. Mercedes shows here how the luxury of the future is to be made visible under the direction of Head of Design Gorden Wagener: 'The car is radical in every respect. Formally we can no longer reduce anything here.' Here we have the sensual clarity that Mercedes has always striven for taken to extremes ”(Wagener). The four doors opening in opposite directions open the way at a 90-degree angle into what Mercedes itself calls a lounge with four rotating seat shells. Plenty of space and screens everywhere (a total of six) - in the cockpit, but also where the interior panels of the doors are normally located. The displays are operated via gestures or touch, the route planning, music selection, contacts, the vehicle environment and self-selected landscape images can be displayed. The front screen now actively makes contact with the eyes of the passengers in front: Eye tracking is called this operation via eye movements.

Smartphone as ID

The Future luxury liner recognizes the authorized driver via the smartphone. Only he would allow him to drive himself. The driver can get information on the head-up display in the windscreenShow interesting points in the area: house numbers, free tables in nearby restaurants, the program of the nearest theater or the distances to friends.

Was that what the F 015 can do? No, not for a long time. As a chauffeur car, once called via the app, it sets itself in motion to pick up its passengers. And of course, he can independently find free spaces in parking garages. But what really revolutionizes the research car: It communicates with its surroundings via the front and rear lights. If the lights in the front grill are white, it signals to the outside world that the driver is behind the wheel. If it flashes blue, the XXL-Trumm drives fully autonomously. Mercedes calls this construction a 'communication matrix made up of three-dimensional, rod-shaped LED modules and two outer blocks that consist of large LED rods'.

The car becomes an experience space

What stands in front of us is nothing more than a highly intelligent robot. One that is looking for friendship in a figurative sense. If it discovers people in the area, it flashes them over it Display: 'I've seen you and I'm not hurting you' is the message behind it. The car-friendly city, according to Mercedes, should develop more and more into a 'human-friendly city'.

The car on the way to a digital experience space, in this case driven by a further developed fuel cell system, which it on a The fuel cell itself supplies the traction power for the two 136 hp electric motors, which are located in the rear and thus also transfer their power to the rear wheels. The system output is 272 hp, the sprint The imposing car can go from zero to 100 km /h in 6.7 seconds.

But it's not numbers that move - it's the question of whether we even need houses when it's rolling Lounges will be so beautiful. The term motorhome definitely has to be rethought.

Further information on the Mercedes F 015 Luxury in Motion and all CES innovations can be found in our large CES-Special . You can read even more exclusive stories about the CES in the current issue of auto motor und sport, issue 2, from 8.1. in stores.


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