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Seat sample Mercedes E-Class long version in China 2016

Dirk Weyhenmeyer /Daimler
Seat sample Mercedes E-Class long version in China
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D ie in China for China The built long version of the new Mercedes E-Class sedan has an even more spacious rear area. With a wheelbase lengthened by 140 to 3,079 mm, the external length increases to 5,063 mm. In the rear of the five-seater, passengers should have 134 millimeters more legroom. It should also be easier for passengers to get on and off. The longer wheelbase can be recognized by the triangular windows that are also firmly integrated into the C-pillar and the extended roof line. In addition, the C-pillars carry special applications.

Dirk Weyhenmeyer /Daimler
Clean, but also far too colorful when it comes to ambient lighting: 64 lighting moods turn the long Class a discomobile.
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Seat sample Mercedes E-Class Lan gversion

Only Americans can do pathos? Are you kidding me? Are you serious when you say that! At the world premiere of the long Mercedes E-Class on the eve of the Beijing Auto Show 2016, the Swabians launched everything that China's premium customers need: flags, a real orchestra with a height-adjustable orchestra pit, party cadres, dramatic music and a bombastic one -kitchy multimedia show. Europeans just have to go through it. Point. Incidentally, this also applies to the revamped interior of the W213, which has been extended by 14 centimeters. The Chinese interior designers have packed LED light strips into virtually every joint. The result: TheAmbient lighting knows 64 (!) Lighting moods, at least 50 of which have actually no place in a stylish automobile. But as I said: Europeans have to go through it.

After all, there is really nothing to complain about when it comes to the sense of space in the back and the seats with XXL legroom. Covered with fine leather, electrically adjustable in many ways, naturally ventilated and heated. All buttons and switches are known from 'our' short E-Class , the processing of the two vehicles on the stage was flawless. Nice detail: the triangular window in the C-pillar. Only available like this in the Daimler portfolio with the Maybach. Dieter Zetsche's lamp shop also scores with a new foldable central armrest in the rear. It is heated and can be pimped up with a stylish touchscreen if desired. Parts of the Comand system and of course the disco lighting can be controlled via the. Not enough technology blinging? No problem: if you like, you can get a coolable and heated cup holder on the extended center armrests between the front seats. That is, of course, also illuminated.

Oh yes, the question of why the premium Chinese don't just buy an S-Class right away can only be asked by long noses. First, the Chinese are cost-conscious. Such a stretched E-Class can easily be considered a Mini-Maybach, but costs a lot less than an S-Class. Second, the Chinese are patriots. The long E-Class is built in China, the S-Class is not. Any questions? Yes. Will the long W213 also come to Europe? Almost certainly not. The center armrest with touchscreen maybe already.

Jochen Knecht

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Long Mercedes E-Class in two variants

The Long version of the Mercedes E-Class - which will celebrate its world premiere at Auto China 2016 - is being offered on the Chinese market with two different design characters - as a sedan and as a sport sedan. The sedan has the classic sedan radiator grille with a star on the bonnet. The Sport Sedan has the central star on the radiator grille.

The special equipment of the long E-Class includes a folding center armrest in the rear, which includes an illuminated compartment, a USB port and, optionally, a touchscreen, an inductive mobile phone charger , a heater or temperature-controlled cup holders. Various Comand functions can also be controlled via touchscreen or app on the tablet or smartphone.

The long E-Class is available as the E 200 L and the E 320 L 4Matic.


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