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Seat rehearsal Renault Clio in Paris: The one-fifth Renault

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Seat test Renault Clio at the Paris Motor Show
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S You just don't give up that Designer. Even with the Alfa 156, no one seriously believed that it was a coupé, simply because the rear door handle was completely impractically hidden in the C-pillar. The same applies to the recently replaced Seat Leon. And now the Renault Clio. Fortunately, this is the only slip-up, because the small car with a neatly finished, nicely furnished and easy-to-use cockpit pleases during the seat sample. Okay, now you could ride around a bit on the bad habit of the digital speedometer known from the Mégane, but as long as the display is readable under all circumstances, we'll leave it at that.

Renault Clio with better seating position

Above all, it is noticeable that the new Clio offers a significantly more comfortable seating position than its predecessor, which is no longer excessively high and a wide adjustment range of the seat and Has steering wheel. At the rear, of course, there is no endless expanse, here the Clio offers class-standard, decent space. If you need more storage space, you have to resort to the Grand Tour Kombi. The materials used have a higher quality than, for example, the Toyota Yaris, and any processing annoyances were not noticed in the badly worn exhibition vehicle. The symbols of the high-level, touch-sensitive monitor clearly indicate the stored function and give hope for the first unequivocally operated Renault in a long time - apart from the silly rear door handles maybe.


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