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Seat rehearsal for the BMW Active Tourer in Paris: again from the beginning

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Seat sample BMW Active Tourer at the Paris Motor Show
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Start everything, reset. For me it is already the second encounter with the B MW Concept Active Tourer (was allowed to contact us for a magazine production). In the past three weeks, I've had enough opportunity to get used to the idea that BMW suddenly thinks what used to be demonized technologies like front-wheel drive and despised body shapes like vans all of a sudden. And the car, which adorns itself as a study with a 190 hp plug-in hybrid drive train, is sure to drive around the corner. After all, you have already trained the Mini to drive properly. And the new three-cylinder gasoline engines with turbocharging are sure to put you in the mood, because if Ford can create such engines, then BMW will certainly do it all the more.

Space is right in the BMW Active Tourer

But also At the second encounter, the BMW Active Tourer looks somewhat arbitrary, the vehicle concept apparently leaves little design leeway, because the new drive layout ultimately torpedoes the classic long-front-short-rear proportions. And it should also offer as much space as possible in as little traffic area as possible. In fact, the space is right, which is certainly largely due to the peculiarity of studies to be able to try out space-saving seat designs and extremely multimedia, slim cockpits. Future prospects? Rather moderate, the production model expected for the end of 2013 is certainly much more conservative in the interior. And my favorite feature, the asymmetrical, partially darkened glass roof, will probably not make it onto the surcharge list that quickly. It doesn't help, even after the second encounter, the Concept Active Tourer doesn't want to become - by my definition - a real BMW. Presumably it will turn into a good car with the BMW logo by the time it goes into series production. But nothing more.


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