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Seat rehearsal Arash AF8 Cassini in Geneva

Geneva Motor Show 2020
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They seem to know their way around Arash Motors in England: They show two super sports cars at the Geneva Motor Show 2016, one of which is the technical highly complex AF10 with V8 compressor , four electric motors and a system output of 2,080 hp. Its price: more than 1.5 million euros. But Arash can also do something different, a little cheaper: A modernized version of the v o r two years ago presented AF8 is also still in Switzerland. The AF8 Cassini costs 168,000 pounds sterling, or around 215,000 euros.

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Seat sample Arash AF8 Cassini in Geneva 2016

Okay, we have already figured into the strongest sports car at the Geneva Motor Show: the Arash AF10 still looks like a prototype, has but already gimmicks that we liked. So on to the AF8 Cassini, which Arash also exhibited in Geneva. It stands there in bright yellow, crouching on the exhibition floor, sparkling with its aggressive lights in the eyes of the guests.

Roman Domes
Very prototypical: The Arash AF8 didn't really look finished in Geneva.

From the front, the AF8 looks quite pleasing, a bit like a Corvette C7. The rear view, on the other hand, could be more elegant, with its six small lights and the chrome struts it looks a bit small.

The Arash AF8 shown is not yet a production model, of course. CEO Arash Fouad asks us to handle the carbon fiber door with care. No problem. Gently pullsthe hand on the door handle. The open, massive carbon gate now reveals a view into the pulpit of the 560 hp athlete.

It smells of plastic and glue

A lot of carbon meets a lot of plastic in the cockpit of the AF8. It also smells strongly of industrial glue mixed with some leather and metal. If you let yourself fall into the carbon sports seat, you can immediately see how flat the window of the super sports car with Corvette engine is. You sit very deep, but still not exactly over the asphalt. A small screen with all sorts of buttons peeps out from behind the Alcantara carbon steering wheel. Uff. Operation here should be difficult at first.

Starting the engine, which works at the push of a button, should be much easier. And - for those who still like it - the six-speed manual gearbox is the only gearbox option in the Arash AF8. The stick, wrapped in Alcantara, scratches a bit through the alleys during the first dry exercises, but purists don't believe in paddle-plucking.

Unfortunately, the control center in the AF8 still seems very unfinished, here and there a switch is not properly seated , the GPS receiver for the navigation system and the lap time recording is loosely behind the windshield like a parking disc. A little more effort wouldn't have hurt a prototype either. Especially if the finished product is supposed to cost 215,000 euros.

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Arash AF8 Cassini with seven-liter V8 naturally aspirated engine

What else does the customer get for this one very impressive price at Ferrari 488 level? First there is the V8 engine, which, like the AF10, comes from the USA. From General Motors, to be precise. We know the 7.0-liter LS7 V8 (427 cui) from the Corvette C6 Z06, and it is one of the few naturally aspirated engines still alive - really old school.

In the Arash AF8, however, it will not be Installed at the front, but based on the mid-engine principle just in front of the driven rear axle. The small-block high-speed engine in the Arash AF8 Cassini delivers 560 hp at 7,500 rpm, with a maximum of 6,000 rpm a juicy 645 Nm torque.

The forged steel crankshaft of the LS7-V8 should be able to withstand this, as should the connecting rods; they are made of titanium.

With six-speed manual transmission to almost 100 km /h in 3.5 seconds

The Arash AF8 Cassini is only supplied with a six-speed manual transmission. An automatic is not an option, and this clearly defines the buyers: the iron faction who still like to drive properly when driving. And: The six-speed gearbox should be a lot lighter than an automatic. The AF8 Cassini turned out to be very compact and light anyway,It should weigh around 1,200 kilograms and be just under 4.15 meters long.

Buyers are rewarded with an acceleration time of allegedly less than 3.5 seconds to 96 km /h. At 196 miles per hour, the speed limiter slows down the propulsion in sixth gear, which corresponds to almost 320 km /h. Braking is done with a steel brake system. At the front, six pistons grip into 380 millimeter disks, at the rear there are four and two 362 millimeter disks.

Arash Motors
Skeletonized: The basic structure of the AF8 consists of a carbon-steel mix construction.

Arash AF8 with sophisticated aerodynamics

To ensure that the AF8 Cassini has good grip, Arash uses Michelin Pilot Sport Cup2 tires. In order to keep the flounder on the ground at 320 km /h, they also give it a few aerodynamic gimmicks that you don't recognize at first glance. Among other things, a front splitter directs the air over the car, which reduces lift. The slightly sloping roof ensures that the mid-engine receives enough fresh air. And on the very short stern Arash does not place a spoiler, just a small spoiler lip.

Good, these measures could also pass as gimmicks without great function. But like a Formula 1 car, the underbody of the Arash AF8 Cassini is completely closed, so it does not allow any turbulence and directs the air flowing through it to the diffuser at the rear. This is supposed to generate pigtails and suck the rear of the vehicle onto the asphalt through the resulting negative pressure. At least theoretically.

Carbon interior and air conditioning in the AF8

Customers should expect a lot of carbon in the interior, which is also available in various finishes, depending on your taste. In addition - and the purists will moan again - the AF8 Cassini has air conditioning and a heated windscreen as standard. In addition, the English are installing an infotainment system with a touch screen.

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