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Seat Ibiza ST: The Ibiza station wagon is in Geneva

Sebastian Viehmann
Seat Ibiza ST at the Geneva Motor Show 2010
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The front of the Seat Ibiza ST, which premieres on the G enfer Automobilsalon 2010 will be celebrating , presents itself in the wing design typical of the brand, the sideline of the station wagon looks stretched, opposing beads create a dynamic impression.

Seat Ibiza station wagon with new 1,2 -Liter TSI in Geneva

With a length of vo The Seat Ibiza ST the five-door by an impressive 18 centimeters, the trunk volume is comparatively impressive with 430 liters. The storage space can be expanded by folding down the split rear seats. The roof line slopes slightly towards the rear, while the two-part taillights and the low loading sill, which are supposed to make loading and unloading easier, stand out at the rear.

Overall, stand for the new Seat Ibiza ST six engines to choose from: three petrol and three common rail diesels with one Power range between 70 and 105 hp. Four of the six engines have direct injection and turbocharging. The 1.2 TSI engine, which is already in the VW Golf ( VW Golf 1.2 TSI in the individual test ) does its job and sends 105 hp to the front wheels. The smallest diesel draws its power from 1.2 liters of displacement.

There is a choice of three equipment lines Reference, Style and Sport for the Spanish station wagon. The prices for the Seat Ibiza ST, which will be launched in early summer, have not yet been determined, but the station wagon with the well-known double clutch transmission will also be available.


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