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Seat IBE in the driving report: Seat design study with electric drive

Seat IBE in the driving report
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D he artificial name Seat IBE is program, it can be interpreted as follows become: The first two letters stand for the Iberia peninsula, the E means electromobility. Under the leadership of Seat, the best technology companies and universities in Spain are driving the state-supported Verde project with the aim of developing technologies and infrastructure for the electric car.

Seat IBE with 102 HP electric motor

As a result, the unique Seat IBE has a fully electric drive that enables locally emission-free driving. Its 75 kilowatt (102 hp) electric motor from Siemens huddles together with the power electronics under the extremely flat front hood. A 250-kilogram lithium-ion battery is used to store electricity and is located between the individually suspended rear wheels below the trunk floor.

Its capacity is 18 kilowatt hours, which should guarantee the Seat IBE a range of around 130 kilometers. You fill up at the socket, which currently takes five hours to charge the battery to around 80 percent. This should adequately cover the requirements of numerous private users in urban areas.

Many years will pass before the technology of the IBE goes into series production

Apart from a certain flexibility when getting in, handling the Seat IBE does not require any special talents, but a little getting used to. His impetuous dash from a standing start, for example, surprised when 200 Newton meters suddenly fell over the front wheels when he stepped on the accelerator. There are no doubts about the factory specification, which promises 9.7 seconds for the sprint from zero to 100 km /h. A gently acting gas foot helps to use the powerful, continuous thrust of the electric motor sensibly. The drive source annoys with loud, metallic scraping noises, but these do not provide any information about their current activity.

Compact dimensions, intelligent mixed body construction with steel, aluminum and plastics as well as a consequent reduction of parts in the cockpit reduce the weight of the 3.83 meter long, 2 + 2-seater sports coupé to a moderate 1,100 kilograms. Many years will pass before a Seat with IBE technology rolls off the assembly line. The next planned e-step for 2014: the Seat León Twin Drive as a hybrid with a plug-in system.


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