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Seat father-daughter test drive: family outing with the Seat Mii

Guido Schröder
Seat father-daughter test drive
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Actually, he never takes part in such competitions. And actually his two daughters never have time even on weekends. But this time it's all different. Out of inspiration and because it was so quick and easy online, Sven Galin asked for one of the places at the father-daughter weekend with S eat advertised - and won promptly. In a family conference call, they figured out who was allowed to accompany him. Because - how should it be otherwise? - both daughters had time and didn't want to miss the tour in Barcelona with the Seat Mii. In the end, Nina, his eldest, was lucky.

Seat Mii confidently circled through Barcelona

And it quickly becomes apparent that she is the right company this weekend. In the Mii she immediately feels at home and steers the little Spaniard confidently through the bustling Friday afternoon traffic of the city. 'Maybe I should have become a car tester after all,' she ponders. 'I love driving and have driven in many other cities and countries. I usually feel safe behind the wheel straight away.'

The Seat Mii as a corporate brother of VW Up and Skoda Citigo also makes it particularly easy for participants. Small, agile and with a lively drive, he easily cheats his way through the sometimes confusing street layout of Barcelona. The special model, which was created in cooperation with the Mango fashion group, is richly equipped and was available in various engines, as two- and four-door models and with a panoramic glass roof.

' Modern technology and dynamic design '

All of the participants have in common, despite the small external dimensions of the car, enough space for everything they need on a city tour. The Seat Mii is particularly popular with the daughters. Although everyone agrees that it is a bit small for long stretches. But the participants were convinced of the brand. 'I've been keeping an eye on Seat for a long time. At home we drive the Alhambra, my daughter has a Leon, and on vacation we were often lucky enough to be out and about in the brand new Ibizacan. I especially like the combination of modern technology and independent, dynamic design, 'says Stefan Barber, who traveled with his daughter Daniela.

This weekend, the Mii is definitely the right choice, because it is on Saturday morning A city tour on the plan. From the local mountain Montjuic with its great view over the Catalan metropolis, it goes to Barcelona's oldest park Parc del Laberint d'Horta, which creates a calming contrast to the lively city with a labyrinth garden, castles and sculptures from different eras. Past the imposing Sagrada Família basilica, the route leads to the Avinguda Diagonal shopping street and Passeig de Gràcia, where there is time to stroll and shop. The afternoon also promises relaxation, as a neat sailing ship awaits the participants. With a light breeze and gentle waves enjoy the sun to the fullest on the deck.

Seat Leon Cupra as a racing taxi

On the other hand, Sunday is fast-paced and action-packed. During driver safety training on the racetrack near Castellolí, the father-daughter teams can step on the gas and fill up on adrenaline in the racing taxi. The drift laps in the Seat Leon Cupra attract a permanent grin on everyone's face. 'Absolutely amazing! I think I'm half a guy,' says Marie Weigelt, enthusiastic about this experience. But they are also challenged themselves. In the slalom, the participants practice safe steering with the Mii, feel the difference between brakes with and without ESP on various road surfaces and master a course on slippery surfaces with the right technique. 'Training like this gives both sides security. My daughter can test the limit area without risk, and I know that she can do it safely,' says Stefan Barber.

Something else also becomes clear this weekend: It is not necessarily the grandiose food, the cooking experience while preparing tapas together or the varied program including a trip to the race track, which makes the three days something special. It is the time that fathers and daughters spend together and visibly enjoy. And discover that you actually do something like this far too rarely.


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