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Seat boss De Meo: Ateca is the prelude to the SUV family

Seat boss De Meo
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E s is still too early to reveal details . 'At least I can reveal that we have concrete plans for a little brother of the Ateca. In the future, the SUV models will be the third table leg for Seat, so to speak.' The other 'table legs' are the Ibiza and Leon models.

His job as the new Seat boss is now to take the brand 'to the next level'. 'We're talking about the time after 2020. But maybe we will have the opportunity to do more independent ones sooner Developing products. ”The Ateca is a first step in this. 'A decisive role for the Ateca will be to help the brand to take a leap forward and to develop further with a view to the brand image.'

With the Ateca, Seat presents its first SUV in Geneva.

Better penetrate markets

Um Seat more on the growth path s, de Meo wants to check which models and engines are missing in weak markets in order to sell more cars. 'For me, the greater challenge is to penetrate the individual markets in depth with our existing range,' explains de Meo. 'You need a critical mass in order to be noticed at all, in order to get on the shopping lists of potential customers. ”

De Meo says sales of 90,000 cars in Germany are good. He is not satisfied with the sales figures in Italy, where Seat only sells 16,000 vehicles. 'We can clearly improve here. But why is that? Are there any important variants? Engine versions? That's what it's all about. In some markets, we simply fly under the radar of customers,' says the new Seat boss. 'That changes only when you achieve a share of around five percent in a segment.That is the goal. “

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