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Seat 600 BMS Concept: The 60-year review

Seat 600 BMS Concept
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A ust the Spanish VW subsidiary Seat now has that too Retro look rediscovered. In 1957 the Spaniards started manufacturing the Seat 600, a license replica of the Fiat 600. The small car became a bestseller and a brand icon.

Now, 60 years later, the Spaniards want the 600 BMS Concept, which on one based on the original 600D, reminiscent of the oldie. The model, which has been faithfully restored in over 1,500 hours, is equipped for the Automobile Barcelona 2017 with a fabric sliding roof and suicide doors hinged at the back.

On the outside, the Seat 600 BMS is wrapped in a gray metallic paint with orange accents. The interior is completely lined with leather. The Seat 600 was built until 1973, with a total of around 800,000 copies.


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