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Search, find, buy: Buy: Where to find your classic

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The big trade fairs are also a good place to look for an old or young timer. And anyone who needs that extra thrill when buying should go to an auction. Before buying a car, however, it makes sense to think about the advantages and disadvantages as well as the legal aspects of the respective offer.

When buying a car, you can cover the risk

Are you someone who wants to take as little risk as possible when buying a classic? Then it's best to contact an established dealer. In the best case scenario, several copies of the dream car can be examined in detail there, and nothing stands in the way of a test drive. The biggest advantage, however, is that a commercial seller is liable for the absence of defects in his vehicle for up to two years under German law of obligations (not to be confused with a guarantee) - provided that it is only defects such as improperly carried out repairs. Signs of wear and tear do not fall into this category, and in practice many dealers also take advantage of the option to reduce the warranty to one year when selling used goods.

Good to know: If the defect occurs within the first six months Months after the purchase, the seller must prove that it was not available when the vehicle was handed over. After six months, however, things look different: Then the buyer has to prove that the defect already existed at the time of delivery. If a dealer offers a car on commission, he is only considered an intermediary and is exempt from any warranty.

Classic purchase from private individuals

Is your dream car being offered by a private individual? Then it may well be that - because a private individual does not have to finance a showroom or staff - it is often a little cheaper than a comparable retail copy. However, before the interested party sets out on the possibly long way to the viewing appointment, it should be agreed that the car is ready to drive and approved for a test drive. Anyone who feels like a layman when it comes to technical issues should only examine the car with a specialist who can competently assess the condition.

Unlike a dealer, private sellers are exempt from any warranty, but this must be provided by the seller expressly stated in the sales contractwill. The seller can only be held liable for damage that was known to him before the sale and that he fraudulently concealed. In such a case, however, the difficult evidence lies in the hands of the new owner, who then first has to have an (expensive) appraisal drawn up.

Buying a car is always an adventure

Auctions offer another way of getting your dream car, but are not as common in Germany as they are in England, for example. The vehicles on offer are described and assessed by independent specialists or by experts from the respective auction house, but a test drive is not possible, and the warranty is also handled differently by each auction house. Interested? Auction dates and addresses can be found on the market pages in Motor Klassik . On the other hand, online auctions such as those of the best-known seller Ebay have long since developed into a very popular leisure activity. Anyone who buys a car from a private person here (without being viewed) has practically no right to a warranty in case of doubt (this is usually excluded due to a corresponding wording in the offer) wants to take the lowest possible risk, submits his offer to a dealer. This not only has to adhere to the applicable warranty provisions, but also grant a private buyer a right of cancellation or return of at least two weeks. If the car does not correspond to the description, a written notification is sufficient.


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